I’ve been doing the whole ‘Eating Clean‘ thing for 7 months.  I’ve lost 7kg, and quite a few centimetres.  But, I’m tired now, and have admittedly fallen off the wagon a little bit over the last two weeks.  I’m feeling fed up, I get annoyed when I watch skinny people eat all the delicious food while I nibble on my Ryvita and Cottage Cheese.  I need some inspiration, and I need to not give up, but at the same time, I just want to be fat and happy!  I have 3kg to lose still which is not that much, but it is taking FOREVER.  I just cannot shift these last few kilos.  I have been eating so well, and still I don’t lose weight, and so I’ve gotten a little bit over it.  On top of this, I am craving everything and anything.  You name it, I want to smash it in my face. And before you tell me to exercise, I run quite often.  I admit, I could probably exercise more which would involve waking up at 4AM to go to gym, but I’m not a fan of gyms.  Excuses, yes, I know.

These cheered me up, at least..

seafood ants baby icecream noregrets regret rememberdietThese pictures all sum up me at this present time.  NEED. STRENGTH.  Just as I’m about to give up and take another a spoon of peanut butter, I remind myself:

skinnyAlthough, I’d like to categorically state that nothing feels as good as Lebkuchen tastes.

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  1. My dear partner from Grammy Class.. You looking fabulous ! I totally understand how you feel. I am in the same boat. Didn’t go to class last week – big storm so was really delayed in traffic, was going to see Johnny Clegg , so was pushed for time too. In the back of my mind I also knew that the results would not be positive. Have also fallen off the wagon somewhat and it’s not getting any better. I am also tired and with us heading into the Festive Season its not looking like I will find the renewed strength to climb back on the wagon. So my little fat body will head off on holiday with the hope that after some time off I will come back with renewed enthusiasm and determination. For now I am just doing my best…. We can’t be good all the time – we are only human. Will head for Class on Thursday but don’t think I will be winning at the “Grammy’s”. See you there…. :-)

    • Thanks Donna. I didn’t make it to class last week either – was stuck in traffic from that storm! I weighed myself at home and saw I had put on a kilo which just derailed me even more – so I’m dreading class this week but I will have to force myself to go. Have definitely put on a decent amount of weight. Seems pointless trying if I know I’m going to be bad over Christmas, but that’s the wrong attitude to have. I’ll see you on Thursday! Glad I’m not alone in all of this. :)

  2. I know you run a lot! I run a lot… but I needed something extra, I then discovered CrossFit. Lost 6kg’s in 2 months. Maybe give it a try. It’s really not for everyone, but you never know. Yes, I will try sell it because I love it that much ;)

    I also started the Paleo diet which, for me, is more a lifestyle change, because I can eat bacon!

    • I’m a bit concerned about CrossFit making me too built.. I know a couple girls doing it and they are very muscular which is not what I want to look like at all – I’d rather be slender and toned. With regards to Paleo, I found it a bit too strict. I am also a big carbs fan and don’t believe in cutting something completely out of your diet.

      • I can see the problem with CrossFit. I have muscles popping out of nowhere :)
        I ate strict Paleo the first month, but now I’ve added low-gi bread and rice. The other thing I changed was my portion sizes. Not on purpose, but because I found myself eating less and less.

        On a side note… my son is eating Pizza right now… damn it smells good!

  3. I loved those memes! they sum it up perfectly. haha. Although I’ve decided I don’t like the mantra of “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – its too obsessive. I have these days all the time though! and when I do, I dress a little better, make a little more effort, and remind myself that I look okay and that I am doing better than I was. The worst thing about measuring happiness in kgs is that you don’t get validation very easily and its so fickle. Keep doing what you are doing- you will get there!

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