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I thought I owe you all an update with regards to my job and the clinic I work at, and how things have changed – because they have changed a TON in the last six months, and I realized I hadn’t told any of you what was going on!

Last August, I was very excited to be promoted to the manager of the clinic I work at. I had been feeling rather ‘stagnant’ prior to this, and was generally quite unhappy with my career prospects as I felt little opportunity for growth. The promotion came at the perfect time because it meant I could challenge myself more, have more responsibility directed at me and actually have something I was passionate about that was ‘all mine’, that I could throw all my effort and attention at. It also meant I could finally have ‘Manager’ on my CV. :P

Comparing year-on-year statistics since I started, I have managed to double client numbers by instituting a simple SMS system to remind people of their appointments, by simply booking more appointments and by increasing how many days a week were dedicated to appointments. I’m very proud of this, because that at least justifies my promotion and I can prove it was a good move for the company.

Not long after I took over as manager, I was sent another nurse from our maternity ward as the clinic is way too busy to run with just one nurse. However, this nurse was just.. Not great. She was muuuuch older than me, she was just waiting out her retirement. She had no interest or passion in what we were doing (primarily immunizations). I don’t even think she liked babies, yo. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE BABIES?! She wasn’t even able to help me with antenatal classes thanks to her bad back.

When she started with me, on the first day, she was complaining about her sore back. Concerned, I asked, “Oh my goodness, what did you do?”. She informed me that she had just had back surgery. So I told her, naturally, that she must take it a bit easy and not force herself and if need be, get her sick leave extended if she’s in that much pain. It took three weeks for her to tell me that her back surgery was actually done in 1999..

My face.

Anyway, she stayed here for a few months, but it was not a fun time for me. It was soul-destroying. For real. I was battling between wanting to quit versus wanting to slash her tyres. Luckily I did neither as she eventually left to go work at government, where “you can get away with not doing work” – as stated by her. You can imagine why I’m super pleased and relieved that she no longer works with me.

Now that she has left, I’m very excited because one of my BFFs, Candice, has started working at the clinic with me. Candice and I met way back in 2007, trained together at university and we’ve been friends ever since. We also worked together in our time as students at Helen Joseph Hospital (horror). It’s very refreshing to work with someone who actually is interested in things, is clever, and knows how to make a good cup of coffee. It feels like a weight has been lifted at long last.


We have also had a change in secretary – in the month that Candice started, my secretary resigned. I was pretty certain I was going to have a nervous breakdown having to train two people at the same time but luckily the new secretary is also a smart-chippie and things are going well.

In this time, I’ve also had to have a head office audit to check whether my standards are up-to-scratch or not. I received a list of 100 odd KPIs that I was expected to comply with. It was stressful and a lot of hard work, as when I took over as manager, literally NOTHING was in place. I mean, as two random examples, there wasn’t even a suction unit in the clinic, nor had the 4D scanner ever been serviced. Scary. In any case, after working on it for four months, my clinic did exceptionally well, and we came third in the whole hospital, with an overall rating of 96%! I was mentioned in a meeting with the big bosses and the EXCO for my results, so it felt good to be noticed.

So all-in-all, work is good again. I don’t dread going to work in the mornings like I used to, and I’m happy again. I’m sure you can tell why I’ve been so AWOL – life has been cray. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me now!

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  1. Some of your clients drive from the other side of town because your clinic is so awesome. No, not just for your radiant personality!
    Well done!!

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