What happened to me? Let me start off by apologizing for my unwarranted absence from posting lately. I’ve had so many blog posts to write, and I just have absolutely run out of time.

Is it just me, or is this January completely crazy and busy? And boy, do I have a lot to tell you..

I haven’t been having a great time. I’ve been feeling super stressed out and emotional – not much new there, I suppose. On top of this, work has been madness. This is the busiest January that we’ve had at work – all the babies are being born right now. I usually commit to getting a blog post out while I’m at work, in between clients, but it has honestly been so crazy that there haven’t been any opportunities to do that. I am being flooded with emails, while getting ready to train a new nurse at the clinic (more on that development soon!), and I’m planning an event at the hospital for Pregnancy Awareness week coming up in February.

I’ve been having toothache, as well as a major sinus infection with a tension headache that is on day 12 today. It turns out that there is more to these issues than I originally realized. I had a root canal done about 7 years ago, and the idiot I saw then left a root in! I found a great new dentist  year or so ago – Dr Struwig near Jukskei Park and he is PHENOMENAL. Seriously – if you need a dentist, go see him. He and his wife work together in the practice, and I’ve gone to them both. They are both just the loveliest people ever, and they really know their stuff. In any case, Dr Struwig had to re-do my crown last year because Moron Dentist put it in skew. I’ve had a chronic infection in that root ever since it was originally done, and it seems that the infection has started acting up. When I saw Dr Struwig last year, it wasn’t giving me any hassles, despite me already having a mild infection there, so we decided to leave it be.

Now that it has started giving issues, I need to decide what I want to do – either we re-do the root canal where we drill through my brand new (quite frankly, beautiful) crown, or I have surgery where they basically cut off the tip of the root that is in contact with my sinus membrane. I’m terrified of both of these options, particularly the root canal option because that first root canal I had was the most horrendous experience that had me crying in the dentist’s chair. I’m honestly not keen on either of these – because surgery, so I’ve asked to treat the infection with hardcore antibiotics in the hope that it’ll sort it out. Dr Struwig reckons it will possibly give me another year before the infection starts acting up again. All in all, I’m not a happy panda. Basically. I also didn’t really realize how it was all connected – and at least now my headaches make more sense, too.

Now let me tell you a story, completely unrelated to teeth and work.. Family and children.

This post is not going where you may thing it is going.. There’s one thing that I’ve realized.. Having cats is the equivalent of having children. I love them as if I gave birth to them, and I would seriously do anything for my little precious babies. Lately, there has been another cat in our complex terrorizing them. (In actual fact, I’ve found three or four different cats in our garden but there’s one jackass who is a common problem).

Of course, these cats decide to terrorize my babies at around 3AM every night by coming into our garden and trying to start a fight (and one idiot once actually came into our flat!). I am ashamed to say that I have even chased a bastard cat down the street in my short-short pyjamas one night, gum guard in situ, while shouting and swearing at him (and running past our complex security guards).

Two nights ago, at 4AM, I heard my baby Coco howling outside our bedroom window at what had to be another cat, and I basically lost my shit. I got up quickly, grabbed our spray bottle (which is our official cat-weapon) and ran outside. Little did I know that it was actually raining and my entire patio was wet. I ran at such a speed that I basically aquaplaned on the patio and went flying off, head first onto the wet grass while shouting, “I’LL KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!” and trying my best to aim my spray gun at him while suspended in mid-air with my feet over my head. I then lay on the wet grass, moaning and swearing, until Ross came outside to pick me up. I was half-laughing, half-crying. I am still half-laughing, half-crying while reliving it in my mind.

Needless to say, the cat ran away because a big oaf of a woman nearly landed on him, but I have no doubt that he will be back very soon to continue the terrorizing. Any ideas on how I can get these cats to stop? I know I could keep my kittens inside at night, which is what I used to do, but this is seriously a last resort as they love their outside time – and if they’re locked in, they wake us up doing this:

what happened

Other than that, there’s a lot to tell you all – but that will come with time, bit by bit as things progress. I promise to try get my blog posts out on time – even if it means having to write them in the evenings or on weekends.

In any case, I hope my story (and the visual imagery thereof) has improved your day in some way.

Chat soon.

what happened

3 comments on “What Happened?”

  1. Hahahaha to the running outside while it was raining bit… Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly, or bruise your ego too much! :)

    I’ve heard a specific essential oil (can’t remember which one) sprayed in key places where the cats are likely to come into your property keeps them away.

  2. Haha shame my friend… hope you okay.

    So if i remember correctly cats dont like the smell of citrus smells and black pepper. Maybe a blend of lemon and black pepper will work but sure there are lots out there.

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