Guys, seriously, how insane has life become?!

The other day, I tweeted about how I felt like there was just no time for life, and I was quite relieved to get a fair amount of responses in agreement with this sentiment.  It literally feels like life is running away with me, and I need to do all I can to keep up.

In the process, I feel like my blog has been neglected.  I’m trying to figure out a way to make enough time for all the things I need to do.

On top of work, I need to exercise regularly (at least 5 times a week), I need to study, I need to cook, I need to do extra work for my brother (community management type stuff to make an extra income).  If I somehow manage to fit all these things into a day, it ultimately means I won’t have any ‘me’ time which I am not happy with.  On top of that, I need to find time to blog.

A couple people have advised me to exercise in the morning.  Unfortunately, I start work at 7AM sharp.  This would mean getting up at 4AM in order to exercise, shower, get ready, and get to work on time.  It’s a bit nuts and not something I could maintain for very long seeing as I am not a morning person.  Plus, because I have to wake up so early for work, I like to get to bed at a reasonable hour, too!

How do you guys do it?  Better yet, how do the people with kids manage?!  I need to sit and figure out ways to be more effective with my time – or even how to be in two places at once.  Any advice would be much appreciated..

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  1. Hey Andy

    I totally agree with you. It is CRAZY.

    The one way I have coped is by deciding to take the leap into self-employment. Obviously this can’t and won’t apply to everyone and I am ETERNALLY grateful that I have been able to do this. With two kids at two different schools, my desire to exercise when I want to and also run a loving and “organised” home for my family, it’s been my saving grace.

    Something else I’ve committed to, is saying NO to more things. Meetings, get togethers, parties etc … anything that I have that “Oh, do I really HAVE to go?” feeling about, I say no to. So far, it’s working. I’m probably pissing a whole lotta people off, but it’s for my own sanity!


  2. I don’t have any solutions for you :( I know exactly how you feel. As a single mom exercise has become something that is a distant memory. I know they say “it only takes 20 min a day” but when you leave home at 6.30am & get back at 6pm & still have to do homework, cook, chores etc there is no 20min. Then working, like you do, at 1 or more part time jobs … well you get the idea.

    I do agree with Nikki, I too say no to anything that has a “Oh, do I really HAVE to go?” feeling. I also no longer pressure myself to “make the most of every minute of my weekend” nor guilt myself into having to spend time with people (even the ones i really like). There are weekends where where ive said no to things & then nothing is planned in its place; its just pottering about the house.

  3. Though i suppose it is easier to say no to things when you do have a part time job to go to. My thing is finding time not for exercise but to have more proper mommy time with M.

  4. We don’t. We just don’t find the time to do the things we really should be doing, like exercising. I also start work at 7. Evenings are insane with cooking, cleaning, bathing all the children and trying to squish in quality time. What is this “me time” of which you speak? :P

  5. If only there were more hours in the day! What about exercising right after work before you head home. What used to work for me was being flexible – some days I would go to a gym close to work and another day it might be one close to home. Plus I made sure to exercise on both days of the weekend so I only had to “worry” about 3 days.

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