Our arranged shuttle to take us from the hotel to the airport didn’t arrive for us (possibly my fault, as I didn’t realize I needed to confirm with them over 24 hours before they needed to collect us).  In any case, this wasn’t a problem as we saw it as an opportunity to go exploring and try out yet another mode of transport – the Airport Rail Link – it’s basically a normal express train that takes you from the centre of Bangkok out to the airport.

We arrived at the airport, and checked in, and my excitement couldn’t handle it much longer because I found a KRISPY KREME! Now, we had Dunkin’ Donuts prior to this, but they are just not the same – Krispy Kreme is far superior.  I stuffed my face with the delicious doughnuts before we went and sat, waiting for our flight to board.

What did I get for Christmas? Fat, I got fat.

I was very nervous, as this was not long after the Air Asia crash. In any case, the flight was great. We flew with Thai Airways, and the service was incredible (compared to Ethiopian Airlines, lolzies). The flight was really short, and as we got close to our destination, we stared out the window at the beautiful, blue waters below us. We had landed!

We found our bags immediately – we were very lucky, and we were in a rush, and managed to grab a shuttle that was leaving at that time. The shuttle drive to Patong is damn long, and we got stuck in traffic. I was amazed at how the landscape reminded me so much of Durban (the humidity, too).

We arrived in Patong just as the sun was setting and didn’t have time to explore as we had to meet up with our Contiki group! We got through the formalities and paperwork, and then had some time to freshen up and get changed.

It was then time to walk down to the beach to have dinner.. On the beach. We were in Patong, damnit!

It was New Years Eve and the vibe was electric. We had a yummy dinner, let off some fireworks, lit some lanterns and walked along the beach to join a massive party a little way down.

It was here that I discovered Vodka and Redbull buckets. DELICIOUS. I learnt, quite quickly, that buckets don’t hit you until you’ve had one too many. The party was so much fun! There were fireworks everywhere, lanterns lit the sky, fire dancers, music blasting. It was amazing. We had a huge party.

At one stage, we had the ‘bright’ idea to go see the infamous Bangla Road. On New Years. Very clever. Bangla was PACKED. There were people everywhere, and you could barely move. It was madness. Ross (under the influence) got lost. I (under the influence) didn’t care, and found myself in the Aussie Bar drinking with the Aussies. It was only much later that I thought, ‘Oh crap, I hope Ross is ok, how the hell will he know how to get back to the hotel?!’ I did the sensible thing, of course, and went back to the party on the beach. Ross didn’t have a Thai sim, so he was relying on wifi to have any form of contact.

It was not long after this, that a very distressed (and dramatic) Ross messaged me from the hotel wifi. Note that this is SA time – it was 2AM in Thailand at this stage.

I love how he corrects ‘her’, but not ‘ass’. We were soon reunited, with Ross literally RUNNING towards me, he was so worried. Awwww.

We danced until 4AM, as if we were young and carefree again, and it was just one of the most incredible nights.

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  1. Thanks for showing off my superb messaging skills…. For clarification, I was highly intoxicated at that point. The fact that I could string a message at all is the impressive thing here!

    Loved the post babe, I loled

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