We woke up to the most perfect day, clear blue skies with a gentle breeze. We had breakfast overlooking the sea, and then jumped straight into a speedboat for our half-day trip.

We made our way to Maya Bay – made famous by the movie ‘The Beach’. This place was phenomenal. Again, it was quite crowded, but I honestly didn’t care.    We explored the island a bit, before we went for a swim. While we were floating in the water with the incredible limestone karsts around us and I said to Ross, ‘Baby, remember this moment. Look around and freeze this in your memory. I never want to forget what this looks or feels like’. I still remember it, but it’s not the same.

Guys, if there’s one thing you must do in your life, it is this. I could have stayed there forever. The water is warm and a vivid blue, but clear enough to see right down to the bottom.

After a while, it was time to get back on the boat and we made our way to a little swimming area called Pileh Cove where people climbed the karsts and jumped into the water. Naturally, Ross the monkey just had to do this (barefoot), and climbed so damn high before jumping in. Excuse the blurry photo, but this I’d the height Ross jumped from.

We swam here for a while and it was damn magical. I have major issues with the concept of swimming with sharks, so that fact that I could just laze in the water was amazing for me. I’ve never felt that relaxed and at ease in a massive body of water.

We got back on the speedboat, and made our way past the viking cave, which has been pretty much destroyed by tourists (good going, guys) and we learnt about the thriving bird’s nest soup industry, where people pay about $2,500 (USD) for a kilogram of bird’s nest THAT YOU EAT. They are the most expensive animal products consumed by humans. Apparently it is rich in nutrients, and has a number of health benefits. I’ll take my malnutrition and sickness, thank you very much.

We moved on to Monkey Beach.  This is a beach with lots of.. *drumroll please* Monkeys! They are quite tame, and are used to being fed by the tourists. We fed them some delicious watermelon, took some cool photos and videos, and watched the monkeys wreak havoc in general – like running over a girl who thought it a good idea to sunbathe on monkey beach. I mean, you’re just asking to get monkey-trampled, in my opinion.

We passed Mosquito Island, and then went snorkelling with the fishies, while our guides threw bread into the water.  We were surrounded by fish.  I love snorkelling, and it was Ross’ first experience of snorkelling – I think it’s safe to say he fell in love with it too.

We then made our way to Bamboo Island which was PHENOMENAL.  The most beautiful island I have ever seen, or that I could ever have imagined.  Ross and I went for a walk along the beach, suntanned, and grabbed a quick lunch of fried rice.  I could have spent the rest of my life on this island.  There is no way to describe it, other than: paradise.

Once we had spent some time on the island, we moved to Shark Point, to go snorkelling with sharks. Now, as I said already, I am terrified of sharks. They are my biggest fear (after spiders, of course), but I just had to get in the water and see it for myself and experience it. I would never forgive myself if I came back from Thailand with regrets. So, I jumped in the water before I could give it a second thought and holy cow, I can’t tell you how glad I am that we did. We snorkelled through coral, with a guide taking us to where the sharks were and I spotted a number of black tip reef sharks up close – the one was a total fatty.  I was so excited, I was steaming ahead with the guide trying to get the best view of the sharks (so much for that phobia, ey?). Yes, I know reef sharks are not dangerous at all, BUT THEY ARE CALLED SHARKS FOR A REASON.

It was sadly time to get back to the main island. I honestly did not want this day to end. It was the best day of the entire trip, and I had the most incredible time. I had a permanent smile on my face.

Once we were back on the island, a couple of us popped off to lunch. I had one intention for that day – eat lobster, and eat lobster I did. It was delicious, fresh and amazing. Great choice – albeit expensive.

Ross and I then wandered through the little alleyways everywhere, looking at the different shops. The whole island is like a market filled with tiny stalls. I bought plenty items of clothing, some Ray-Bons, and some jewellery for myself.

We got back to the hotel, relaxed a bit before relaxing on the beach for a fire show.

After that, we made our way out for another night out on the town. We went to a number of bars, played Beer Pong, had a little too much to drink, and found our way onto a beach party at a well-known place called Slinky’s.  It was a HUGE trance party. I am not one for trance, however, so we didn’t end up staying too long. People balancing on the totem pole in the middle of the beach also made the nurse in me sober up pretty fast.

On our journey back to the hotel, we stopped at a food vendor and had a massive slice of pizza. The best pizza of our lives, and the slice alone was bigger than my head. Great times.

What an amazing day. Can I go back?!

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