We slept in late and had a lazy morning. We wandered around, and eventually decided to get some massages on the beachside.

It was magical, you could hear the waves gently crashing as you get massaged with hot oils. It got a bit awkward when Ross realized his masseuse was a man dressed as a woman, so I had to stifle my giggles.

After our massages, we had to taste the famous Thai street pancakes and shared a delicious Nutella pancake.

After a bit of relaxation, we decided to go to the well-known Phi Phi viewpoint as it’s known as one of the icons of Thailand. Getting there in the heat and humidity was not a lot of fun, and what we thought would be a nice relaxed stroll, ended up being a bit of a hike.  There are two viewpoints – to get to the lowest of the two, you need to climb 300 very steep steps.


The view was pretty, but it was not what we came to see, and so we had to continue with our hike for another 10 minutes or so.  This second part of the hike was not as steep or intense, and thankfully there weren’t too many more steps, just a path to follow. This takes you to an incredible viewpoint, 186m above sea level. And, my word, it was incredible. There are massive boulders to sit on and just take in the view. I could have spent my entire afternoon here. The view was mind-blowing. It’s also extremely peaceful up there, and tons of people sit quietly together taking it all in.



I was suitably hungry (and exhuasted) after all this activity, and Ross and I grabbed ANOTHER massive pizza slice – we just had to, OK?! But this time we got a whole slice each. Whoops. The diet starts tomorrow!


We got back to the hotel, and found some of our fellow Contiki buddies at the pool, so we all cooled off in the pool. It was sooo hot and humid, and just plain uncomfortable.

After a bit of a rest in the afternoon, we made our way to the beach to watch the sunset, once again. I have never seen sunsets as beautiful as the ones on Phi Phi.

We had dinner, watched another fireshow (Ross participated), and then Ross and Ben decided it was a great idea to participate in a Muay Thai fight.

There is a bar in Phi Phi with Muay Thai fights constantly taking place – sometimes professionals showcase their skills, but the majority of the fights are patrons in the bar taking one another on. If you win the fight, you get a free bucket. You won’t believe me when I tell you how people queue up to fight eachother! Waaay too much testosterone there for my liking.

So there’s my Rossy and Ben getting ready to fight each other. The fight previous to theirs saw a tourist having his nose broken and basically being knocked out, so I was extremely nervous and worried and freaking out. I’m rather paranoid and neurotic, just saying. Ben weighs a lot more than Ross, and I don’t think he was giving it his all, because otherwise, he probably would have smashed Ross’ face in.

Once the match started, it was pretty exciting and I was like a fan girl shouting for my man. The match lasted a few rounds, Ross and Ben both got a few good kicks and hits in. Ben managed to destroy his foot (pretty sure he broke it) on Ross’ thigh of steel.

At the end of the match, they were a tie! Ross limped home and got straight into bed. I think he underestimated what it’s like to have your ass kicked.



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