I was desperately sad to leave Phi Phi. I had completely fallen in love with this phenomenal island, but alas, I could not spend my whole life there. To be honest, I could happily move there tomorrow and live the simple life, taking tourists scuba diving and living on the island. Perhaps one day I’ll have the guts to just do that.

We jumped onto a ferry and made our way to Krabi. Ross was exhausted and hurting after his Muay Thai fight, and slept like a baby. Note the bruise on the shoulder.

 We got to the hotel in Krabi, checked in, got a cute bracelet and then wandered off for lunch.

I had Pad Thai AGAIN. It was delicious. The second-best Pad Thai of the holiday (after the one from Khao San Road, of course).

The weather was overcast, but it was welcome because it gave us a bit of respite from the heat, although it was still humid as hell. We checked out the famous beach in Krabi – Ao Nang, and then stopped off at a massage parlour.

My heels were hard and rough from all the walking we had been doing the past day, and a guy at the parlour was not happy with this, and took me for a heel exfoliation before my massage. I don’t know what this man did, but holy cow, my heels felt like a baby’s bum! I then hopped onto a lazyboy and had a reflexology foot massage which was pure pleasure.

We then went back to the hotel, Ross was exhausted and had a nap while I just took it easy and freshened up. We had a buffet dinner at the hotel which was great – it had tons of seafood, and braaied prawns. Amazing! After dinner, we played a game of Kings before heading out to a Karaoke bar where we had cocktails while listening to some baaad karaoke. There were strip clubs everywhere, and we wandered into a few of them – booooring. How is that enjoyable or entertaining?!

We met some lady boys as well. Some of them looked more feminine than me! Plus, their bodies were better than mine. The deep voices were frightening though. I took a photo with them, only be told I have to pay them. Worth it.

 Once we had enough of people singing bad karaoke, we made our way back home. We stopped at the 7-11 and grabbed this toasted sandwich thing that was spaghetti carbonara flavour, and they heat it up for you in the store. People, this thing was delicious. I wanted more, but I was so lazy by the time I was in the hotel, that I just went to sleep instead. I still crave that damn sandwich to this day.

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