We woke up fairly early to catch the ferry to Koh Phi Phi. As we arrived at the pier, Ross may, or may not, have vomited into his new cap. He blamed car sickness. I blamed alcohol. I bought a fresh coconut, and slurped up the juice, and got Ross some Pringles to settle his tummy. This is my excuse for the fact that I was actually buying the Pringles for myself. The Pringles tins are infuriating though, I couldn’t fit my damn fat hand into the tube.   The ferry was delayed, and we waited for ages. I eventually dozed off and managed to sleep through the whole trip. This is unheard of. I struggle to sleep if there isn’t silence, and if I’m not horizontal in a bed. Ross was clearly hurting.

We arrived in Phi Phi and I already loved the island, from the moment I set foot on it. It’s kind of quirky, has cute paths, no cars, lots of shops, and tons of foreigners. There’s a happy vibe about it.


We made our way to our hotel, which happens to be on the side of a mountain, so the paths are extremely steep – getting to your room is a gym workout in itself. We had a quick shower and went down to the beach right outside our hotel’s reception. We got to see the most phenomenal sunset. This place was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was overwhelmed by its beauty. Ross had a quick swim, and then we made our way to dinner.


I had a delicious pad Thai here. So damn delicious. We were all hungover and tired, and ended up having a quiet night. After dinner, we walked around and had a look at the shops. We stumbled across a guy that makes ice-cream with customizable toppings right in front of you. Ross and I had chocolate, Oreo and caramel toppings. Yum.


There are mosquitoes EVERYWHERE here and they move in swarms. It’s pretty weird, so we dashed through the mozzie swarms while running at what felt like a 90% incline to get back to our room. We had a big adventure planned for the next day, so it was semi-early to bed for us.


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