We woke up bright and early for our day tour, and hopped onto a mini-bus to make our way to the pier. We grabbed some sea sickness pills, and jumped onto a speed boat. It was like I was transferred into the movies and I saw the Thailand that I always pictured. Beautiful limestone karsts jutting out of the water all around you. 

We stopped at the ‘ice-cream cave’, where the walls of the cave look like.. You guessed it! Ice-cream. I wanted to lick the walls. I restrained myself.

We hopped back on the speedboat, and before long, we were at James Bond island! I had heard a lot about this island, and it’s obviously very well known. It was cool to see, but I was quite underwhelmed. It was extremely busy and touristy. To be honest, I could have easily skipped it and wouldn’t have missed much at all. At least we got the tourist picture.

We then made our way to a village that floats and is entirely on stilts, for lunch. There were a couple different meals prepared for us – soup, fish, chicken, prawns, it was really yum. We had some time to explore the village after lunch, where I bought a pretty sarong, and hunted down all the cute cats. Case in point:


We then went further out to sea to partake in sea canoeing! This was so much fun – again, very busy and touristy – but I really enjoyed it. Our guide was awesome, he took us into all these secret coves, while the tide was out and we realized we would be completely underwater if the tide was in. He pointed out the Coca-Cola rock, Scooby Doo rock, piranha rock and King Kong rock – all shapes in the rocks around us. Ross tried his hand at rowing. Naaaat great.

After canoeing, we made our way to a beautiful beach where I had the best Piña Colada of my life while looking at the gorgeous view, and we spent the rest of the afternoon here.

Once we were back, Ross and I went to a small restaurant that came highly recommended and I had the best sweet and sour prawns of my life. We then popped off to a club called GGs, where they had a special All-You-Can-Drink for R300. This worked out to be really great value for money. I had a few cocktails before discovering their strawberry dacquiri buckets. Life. Changed. Soon, everyone was drinking these buckets. It was a HUGE night, the DJ was amazing, and we just had so much fun. I hadn’t partied like that in a long time. I’m not a big drinker, or partier, and am more of a homebody but when in Thailand..!

By around 3AM, Ross and I made our way back to the hotel. I needed Burger King. Needed. Burger. King. We queued for about 25 minutes, got to the front, only to be told that they don’t accept cards. By now, I was hangry and pretty upset. We wandered around, and I settled for McDonald’s. Champion. Also, holy balls, expensive.

After McDonald’s, we made our way back to the hotel, walking amongst prostitutes. It was eye-opening. One thing I learnt in Thailand is how sexually open everyone is, and how everyone is very much in touch with their sexuality. I also discovered a dog, sitting at a zebra crossing – either waiting for the robot to change, or waiting for his owner, or possibly his doggy friends. He was so sweet.

Our last night in Patong was the best night thus far, and I couldn’t believe that we were already moving on to our next destination: Koh Phi Phi. Little did I know that I was going to fall head over heels in love with Phi Phi.

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