What are you all getting up to this weekend?

I have had such a difficult week at work, I am so relieved it’s Friday!  Even today has been crazy at work and I haven’t had a moment to catch up on my work!  After work, I have to go gym, hit the sauna and run some errands, and this will take a good couple hours but instead of driving home in traffic (blegh), Ross and I are going to meet up and watch the new Hunger Games movie. Excitement!  Plus, we got a love seat.  Nawwwww.

Tomorrow morning, I’m are taking part in the Sisters with Blisters walk – we entered as part of the company I work for, it’s only an 8.5km and it’s for a good cause.  I definitely will not be wearing heels though, I don’t know how anyone is brave enough for that!  After the walk, Ross and I will be going to my childhood home to visit my parents, in Springs.

I try go home once a month, but life is so hectic lately, I don’t always get the chance so I need to go there this weekend because December itself is going to be a crazy month!  We’ll spend Saturday and Sunday in Springs and it’s the best because it always feels like we’ve been on holiday as it’s a chilled vibe, we can play on the PS3, chill on the internet, watch movies or sit outside in the sun, swim, play with the dogs – that kinda thing.

Every Sunday my parents take the dogs for a walk, so I’ll join for that to get some fresh air (and McDonald’s coffee), and then before we know it the weekend will be over and it’ll be back to the grindstone!  Very excited for a relaxed weekend – I foresee some afternoon naps in my near future!

I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by.  I am counting down the days to finishing up at work here – it has been unbearable the last few days.  My last day of work is officially the 13th of December and I cannot wait!

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