It’s the weeeeeeeeeeeeeekennnnnd, babyyy!

I am so, so very excited for the weekend ahead.

To start, work finishes fairly early (at 2PM), after which I am shipping straight off to my favourite salon for a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage – a birthday present from Gary and Jess.  It comes at perfect timing too, because I slept funny last night and have such a sore back.

voucherRoss finishes work a bit earlier today so that means I get to spend some time with him too (which I love, obvs), and perhaps we will be able to fit in a quick run before it gets dark.  Tonight will be spent watching series and movies from the couch – our favourite.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow (I’m pretending this isn’t reality), but hopefully I’ll finish early enough to come home and relax.  I’d like to spend the afternoon working on our table.

Then, *drumroll please*, in the evening, we are going to watch…



One of my favourite comedians, hilarious, total hottie, intelligent as hell, British. ‘Nuff said.  I am so excited, it’s kind of pathetic, and this will just make my weekend (and also, possibly, my life).

Sunday will be spent relaxing.  I haven’t slept in in a while, so I’m hoping the cat creatures occupy themselves outside while I snooze my face off. Lately, I feel like life is rushing past me and I don’t have time to do the things I want to do – silly things like compiling a recipe book, or reading, or even studying, so hopefully I will be able to use this time and get things done (in a relaxed way, of course).  I also want to work on a mosaic table, so perhaps I’ll have time to pop off to a mosaic shop down the road to get some more information.

It’s going to be a good one!  What are you all getting up to?

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