I recently discovered the ultimate skin care and repair product – pretty much by pure luck. I often tweet about my troubles with eczema. When I’m stressed, I have eczema flare-ups – I used to get eczema on my hands, but this has stopped. I now get eczema on my eyelids. MY EYELIDS YOU GUYS. Naaat ideal. I recently tweeted about my latest flare up..

skin care

After that tweet, the kind soul that is Rachelle aka @CreateAStirSA sent me a message about a skin care cream that would help, and she kindly sent me a tub of the cream.

It’s called Care & Repair Plus. It’s a totally natural herbal cream. You can use it as a general moisturiser, both in the morning and at night and it is great at healing, soothing and moisturising skin. It doesn’t just have to be used as a moisturiser – you can use it for pretty much anything – eczema, sunburn, scars, pigmentation problems and even insect bites.

I have extremely sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful about what products I use on my skin, and my skin care options have to be quite selective. I’ve really been leaning towards using natural and organic products lately – if you research the chemicals put into our products you would freak. By the way, you can even use this product on babies and children.

And so, I received the cream and used it immediately. My inital thoughts were how gorgeous the packaging is. It is clean and simplistic – perfect for a beauty product.

skin care

On opening the cream, it is a pleasant light beigey-green colour, and doesn’t really have much of a scent – although, my cats definitely smelt something in it that they liked because they won’t stop sniffing it and trying to dip their paws in it.

When using the cream, the first thing that took me by surprise is just how smooth the texture is, it feels amazing – kind of like you want to drown your body in it. At the time of using the cream, I had eczema over one of my eyelids, and I had a weird irritation-type rash on my collarbone.

The cream feels nourishing and is very light. It absorbs pretty much immediately, and doesn’t feel like it clogs your skin. I smothered my eye and my collarbone with the cream and immediately felt relief from the itching. It decreased the redness of the areas, and I find the more I apply the cream, the better the results. I CAN’T GET OVER HOW GOOD IT FEELS.

What is also nice is that it leaves your skin feeling super moisturised the whole day – so you avoid the feeling of dryness from eczema, and just general dry skin too – and you don’t need to keep applying it throughout the day.

If you’d like to try out this awesome product, you can check it out at The Beautiful Store – Rachelle can give you more info too – so give her a follow on twitter at @CreateAStirSA or @TheBeautStore. I’d love to know what your experiences with the skin care product are.

This is not a sponsored post.

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