Often, there is so much information to take in with regards to labour, that many people don’t know the facts from the falsehoods.  Here is the truth about: Shaking and Shivering.

Shaking and Shivering

Shaking and shivering can happen for a number of reasons, and they occur in almost all women who are in labour or giving birth.

This is a common side effect of the epidural – due to nerve involvement and the way the medication is changing your response to pain. Intravenous fluids are generally cooler than body temperature, which will also contribute to your feeling cold and causing shivering.

Shivering and shaking often happens in the transitional phase of labour (once you are 7cm and more, getting closer to delivering) and immediately after delivery. This is mostly due to hormonal changes (your adrenal hormones are mostly involved here) as well as adjusting to the fluid shift changes that occur in your body during delivery. Ask for an extra blanket if you’re feeling cold, but know that this experience is totally normal.


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