If you’ve been living at all lately, chances are you would have heard of ‘The Nutribullet’ by now. I’ve always been big on health – and in particular, I am a big fan of juicing. I have worked my way through many a juicer, and they either die from overuse, or are just a total pain to clean after every juicing session and end up collecting dust. The other issue, is how much fruit and vegetables you have to use just to get a small cup of juice. The Nutribullet changed all of this. There was a great daily deal on takealot.com – and I snapped it up in no time.

The NutriBullet
The NutriBullet

The Nutribullet is called a super food nutrition extractor. Instead of juicing, or blending your fruit and vegetables, it extracts them and has no waste. It breaks through seeds and stems, shreds tough skins and basically breaks down your food into their most nutritious and absorptive state. What’s even better is that there is no waste product from it AT ALL – it uses whole fruit and whole vegetables. It’s common knowledge that the skins of your fruit and vegetables contain the most fibre, and your average juicer discards of these skins.

The idea behind drinking extracted nutrition such as stenabolic products is that you’ll have better health, sleep better at night, aid digestion and reduce stress (heaven knows I need that). I can’t explain to you how powerful this Nutribullet is. It is a MACHINE. Literally. It whizzes my fruit and veggies into nothing! It is super convenient, and easy to use. I loooove it.

I thought it would be quite cool to share some of my recipes while on my journey to health and wellness with you. So, without further ado..

Andy’s Anti-Oxidant Boost


A handful of Swiss Chard

Half an orange

4 dates (pitted)

3 cherries (pitted)

A small handful of Goji berries

3 strawberries

Half a teaspoon of Acai Berry Powder

Half a tablespoon of Chia seeds

A cup of coconut water

NutriBullet Ingredients

Pop all the ingredients into your NutriBullet and blend! Just add more coconut water to make the drink smoother, or more watered down – depending on your taste. You can also remove the rind from your oranges if you prefer your drink to be less ‘zesty’.

NutriBullet Ingredients

These ingredients are full of anti-oxidants, and high in Vitamin C – perfect for the Winter bugs that are going around.


I’m trying new recipes and ingredients all the time – so keep an eye out for them!

3 comments on “The Nutribullet and My Anti-Oxidant Boost Recipe”

    • Haha, I know! The green colour is naaat ideal. But it’s still yummy!
      To be honest, it doesn’t feel ‘sturdy’ if that makes sense? It is super powerful. But the other night, I had some hectic heavy ingredients in there, and it took some strain – I had it blending for too long and it actually started to smell like burning rubber. Whoops. It’s very easy and convenient but I’m not sure that it’ll last for years on end if I’m totallly honest.

      • I bought a ‘magic bullet’ in USA in 2010 from a verimark type store. Five years later I STILL use it at least once a week. In the beginning I used it about 3-6 times a week. Worth it’s weight in gold.

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