Look, I’m not crazy, I know we’re starting a new weekend today, but I’m still so proud of my productiveness last weekend.

On the Friday night, Ross and I decided to have a spontaneous date night, and we popped off to one of our favourite restaurants, Ciao Baby Cucina for one of our favourite meals – the Pesto pasta (with linguine). The original plan was to watch a movie but we were soooo sleepy, that we went home instead (and sang along to the greatest Disney tunes – thanks Apple Music). We got home and watch Selfless (with Ryan Reynolds, just saying) in bed, and just as I was drifting in and out of sleep, a spider ran along Ross’ arm and onto his laptop. I ‘nope’d it outta that bed quicker than a kid celebrating holiday time.

The next morning, Ross and I went for a walk as part of my LISS session on the Bikini Body Guide, and we walked straight to a Mugg and Bean where we got coffee.


We got home, relaxed a bit, and then I went to the shops to buy something to use to organize all my ish.

I found two great tupperware containers made by Sistema – check these bad boys out! I also bought one or two other things that have been pending for like two years, that needed to be done in our flat.

I got home and reorganized my entire makeup drawer. It was a nightmare. ‘Exceptionally messy’ and ‘no organization’ are my middle names. I was so proud of myself once I was finished though! Here is the before and after:


Once I had finished that, I then did another Kayla Itsines exercise as part of the BBG, and then I organized my face creams drawer. Yes, I have an entire drawer for face creams. Yes, my mom buys me new face cream all the time because apparently I have wrinkles.

Ross and I then popped off to the Hogshead around the corner from us and met up with Stef and Jono to catch the rugby. There were free Springboks shooters for everyone wearing a SA rugby jersey!


We got home, and I had a long soak in the bath because I was freezing, before we passed out.

On Sunday morning, I woke up (admittedly) a tad bit hungover. So how did I solve my hangover woes? By exercising. I sweated all the alcohol out, I swear, because after that, I felt magical. I then reorganized all my jewellery – and even threw out earrings that I couldn’t find the matching set for.

I then also organized my bed side table and drawer – those were nightmares on their own. I just got a bit of a spring cleaning bug in me and sorted out my entire life. It was great.

Once I had accomplished all the tasks in the world, I watched Magic Mike 2 and fell asleep on the couch for a good two hours.

All in all, a great weekend.

What are you all up to this weekend? I have some dinner plans tonight, and then I’m off to Springs tomorrow to spend the weekend with my family.

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