One of my birthday presents was a Thai Sports Massage voucher which I finally got a chance to use this past weekend.  I’ve had this massage once before and it is incredible.

A Thai massage is also known as Nuat phaen boran in Thailand, which means ‘ancient/traditional massage’, they use a mix of Indian and Chinese massage techniques.  It is a deep, full-body massage moving from the feet upwards while focusing on energy lines throughout the body.

A Thai Sports Massage takes it a step further and is an extensive form of massage using a number of techniques: European massage (kneading), chiropractic techniques (manipulating skeletal parts) and acupressure (applying deep, constant pressure to certain ligaments, tendons and nerves).

Massage is proven to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boost your immune system
  • Relax muscles
  • Reduce the heart rate, as well as your blood pressure
  • Improve your range of motion (especially after injury)
  • Cause the release of feel-good endorphins, as well as the release of serotonin

I love hard pressure massages, and this is exactly what they do (you can, of course, request a softer massage if that suits you better).  I have massive knots in my shoulders which have nearly been worked out.  They are literally the size of golf balls.  When I am stressed out (aka, every day), I tend to get very tense in my shoulders, neck and jaw, resulting in these knots.  I reckon another massage or two, and they should be gone.

My favourite part is towards the end of the massage, as your masseur climbs onto the massage bench behind you, puts their knee gently against your back and then twists you backwards and around them causing a ripple of clicks through your back.  You can literally feel the tension release.  I walked out with a dumb smile on my face, glowing, feeling amazing.

Next time I go, I’m just going to ask for the full 60 minutes to be spent on my back, as opposed to the full body.

I go to Reflexions in the Buzz Centre for my massages, and would really recommend them.  Check them out.  They have many other options, over and above the Thai Sports Massage.  I’m really keen to try out the Thai Yoga Massage next.  They also aren’t badly priced at all.

P.S. Ask for Oai (pronounced Oi).

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