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Travel Diary: Krabi, Karaoke and Lady Boys

I was desperately sad to leave Phi Phi. I had completely fallen in love with this phenomenal island, but alas, I could not spend my whole life there. To be honest, I could happily move there tomorrow and live the simple life, taking tourists scuba diving and living on the island. Perhaps one day I’ll have the guts to just do that. (more…)

Travel Diary: Koh Phi Phi, Sunsets, and Ice-Creams

We woke up fairly early to catch the ferry to Koh Phi Phi. As we arrived at the pier, Ross may, or may not, have vomited into his new cap. He blamed car sickness. I blamed alcohol. I bought a fresh coconut, and slurped up the juice, and got Ross some Pringles to settle his tummy. This is my excuse for the fact that I was actually buying the Pringles for myself. The Pringles tins are infuriating though, I couldn’t fit my damn fat hand into the tube.   The ferry was delayed, and we waited for ages. I eventually dozed off and managed to sleep through the whole trip. This is unheard of. I struggle to sleep if there isn’t silence, and if I’m not horizontal in a bed. Ross was clearly hurting. (more…)

Travel Diary: The Journey to Phuket and New Years Eve

Our arranged shuttle to take us from the hotel to the airport didn’t arrive for us (possibly my fault, as I didn’t realize I needed to confirm with them over 24 hours before they needed to collect us).  In any case, this wasn’t a problem as we saw it as an opportunity to go exploring and try out yet another mode of transport – the Airport Rail Link – it’s basically a normal express train that takes you from the centre of Bangkok out to the airport. (more…)

Travel Diary: The Shrines, Terminal 21 and Soi Cowboy

Tuesday was set aside to explore some of the many shrines in Bangkok.  We started off at the Erawan shrine, which was crazy busy – there were so many people giving offerings of all kinds, and lighting lots of incense. It’s a Hindu shrine with a Thai representation of the Hindu creation god Brahma.  It was extremely busy, with Thai dance troupes who are hired by worshippers in return for seeing their prayers answered.  Right next to Alexander McQueen, might I add. (more…)