Yes, the time has arrived!

I have finished work for the year, and will start my new job in January.  I’m so excited, I might explode.

Tomorrow morning, we are leaving super early to go to Hermanus!  I’ve never been before, and I’ve heard it’s absolutely stunning so I’m quite excited for it.  We’ll be joining Jess and her family until just before Christmas.

I really need a break away, the last couple of months haven’t been easy and I can’t wait to just relax, sleep, suntan, read, get fresh air.  Needless to say, I may be quiet on the social media front – and I most likely won’t be blogging much.

So, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope it’s happy, joyful time for you all.   Let’s say goodbye to 2013 with a bang!

Also, thanks to Cleo for this picture that made me smile..