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Me and My Writing

Is it weird that I consider myself somewhat of a writer, even though it may not be my ‘day job’?  I suppose it depends what your definition of a ‘writer’ is.  If you define a writer as someone who gets paid to write, then technically I’m not that (although I occasionally have been paid to write, it has never been on a long-term basis). (more…)

My 2013

This has been a really difficult year, but I’m happy to say it actually flew by.

I left a job at Jhb Gen Labour Ward.

jhbgenA month or two later, Ross and I became homeowners after buying a flat together.

rossandyI became more active, and started competing in adventure races and road running races.

image(1)I acquired two awesome kittens.

kittiesI took steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

healthI spent time with incredible friends.

imageI fell more in love.

love2Watch out, 2014. I’m coming for you!