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Would You Like Some Food With That Diet?

I’ve been doing the whole ‘Eating Clean‘ thing for 7 months.  I’ve lost 7kg, and quite a few centimetres.  But, I’m tired now, and have admittedly fallen off the wagon a little bit over the last two weeks.  I’m feeling fed up, I get annoyed when I watch skinny people eat all the delicious food while I nibble on my Ryvita and Cottage Cheese.  I need some inspiration, and I need to not give up, but at the same time, I just want to be fat and happy!  I have 3kg to lose still which is not that much, but it is taking FOREVER.  I just cannot shift these last few kilos.  I have been eating so well, and still I don’t lose weight, and so I’ve gotten a little bit over it.  On top of this, I am craving everything and anything.  You name it, I want to smash it in my face. And before you tell me to exercise, I run quite often and use andarine quite regularly to maintain my fitness.  I admit, I could probably exercise more which would involve waking up at 4AM to go to gym, but I’m not a fan of gyms.  Excuses, yes, I know.

These cheered me up, at least..

seafood ants baby icecream noregrets regret rememberdietThese pictures all sum up me at this present time.  NEED. STRENGTH.  Just as I’m about to give up and take another a spoon of peanut butter, I remind myself:

skinnyAlthough, I’d like to categorically state that nothing feels as good as Lebkuchen tastes.

Sisters with Blisters

On Saturday, I partook in the annual Sisters with Blisters walk hosted by 1st for Women insurance.  It is a walk to raise awareness about Women and Child Abuse, and we kept repeating the motto, “There’s no excuse for abuse!”

Most people dress up for the event – there were fairies, and babies, and men in fishnet stockings and heels.  Quite a few people walk in high heels (I’m not brave enough for this).  There is an 8km and 4km walk, and we had entered to do the 8km.

It didn’t all go according to plan, as the journey that should have taken us 15 minutes max to get there, took over an hour.  Traffic was badly backed-up (mostly because it was a single-lane road suddenly filled with thousands of cars).  At one stage, we literally didn’t move AT ALL.  This of course, made us exceptionally late and we missed the start of the 8km walk.  Needless to say, I was not impressed.

We were there in time for the 4km, at least – so I suppose it’s better than nothing.  The walk was very easy, but it got pretty hot seeing as we started so late.  When we finished the 4km, we found a massive crowd of people that had all arrived late, waiting to walk the 4km which had to be started all over again.  It really was badly organized.  Luckily, we parked in an area which meant we could leave quickly – but my friend Lani was stuck in the parking lot for almost an hour!

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love dressing up.  We decided to go as literal Sisters (aka Nuns).  I had a major career fail, as I didn’t even think to dress up as a Nursing Sister, but anywhooooo…

photoCheck out www.sisterswithblisters.co.za for more information.

A New PB

So, we ran the Sportsman’s Warehouse on Sunday as planned!

We trained for four weeks according to the programme I drafted, and although it wasn’t easy, we did it!

programmeHere’s Lani and I before the race:

laniandyThe route was said to be ‘flat’ but this didn’t seem the case, as there were hills galore – the first half was almost entirely uphill.  It was run in Roodepoort, starting at Princess Crossing.  It was a nice vibe and atmosphere though.

I ran the first km in 5min20sec which is RIDICULOUS for me, I wasn’t trying to run fast but I find the adrenaline and the pace of the other runners makes me run faster.  I tried to keep up at that pace, which was a stupid idea and I got tired fairly fast.  Then, the weirdest thing happened – at 3km, both my feet went completely numb.  It was the weirdest feeling.  Now, I must have started running differently due to the numb feet as once I got to 7km my ITBS started acting up badly.  I insisted on pushing myself through the pain and managed to complete the 10km and got a PB of 1hr4mins (and 7 seconds if you must be nit-picky).  This is a massive improvement from my last time of 1hr10min, and it felt great.  Although, I was slightly disappointed in myself and felt I really could have done better – if my knee hadn’t acted up I’m sure I could’ve pushed those last 3km.

photoIt was a good race for all, I’d say – Ross and his sister Jenni both got pretty impressive PBs, Lani completed her first 10km ever and Stef completed 10km after falling really badly and busting up her knee – resilience!

Here’s our obligatory ‘biting the medal’ pic after the race:

postraceUpcoming races are the Sisters with Blisters 8.5km walk/run on the 23rd of November, as well as the World Aids Day 10km race on the 1st of December, who will I be seeing there?

The ‘Anti-Diet’

Have you been to The Londoner?  It’s such an awesome blog, I love it.

I discovered an old post of hers a while back called ‘The Anti-Diet’ with advice on how to lose weight, and be healthy, without being on a diet.

She talks about motivation, hunger, dehydration, levels of hunger, cravings and tons more.

As you all know, I am a major emotional eater, and I found this picture really helped me a lot in identifying whether I’m eating because I’m emotional, or whether I’m eating for true hunger.  This has helped me SO MUCH, I cannot even begin to explain.

antidietCheck out the blog post here – it’s worth the read!

Halloween Trail Run

Last night, Ross, Lanz and myself took part in the Mag-Lite Halloween 8.5km Night Trail Run (hosted by Ilumin8 events).

While we’re training for our 10km, we knew it’d be a good idea to vary our training and move away from the regular road running and try out a trail or two.  Last weekend, we took part in the Delta Run which sucked didn’t go quite as planned.

It was with massive hesitation that we entered this Halloween run. We didn’t dress up (apart from having a spider on our headlamps), which we immediately regretted because we found most people went all out on their costumes.

Fearing for our lives..
Fearing for our lives..

Overall, it was pretty difficult.  There were massive inclines and declines.  One or two declines were extremely steep where I very nearly saw my ass.

I think I did a decent time – an hour and 6 minutes.  I was super happy, because my knee didn’t give me any problems.  I got stuck behind a couple for about a km or so – walking side by side and holding hands while she giggled, and kept saying, “Does my bum look big!? Don’t look at my bum when I walk baby! Heeheehee.” Cue death stares from Andy.

Once I got past them, I was much happier and managed to finish, despite being completely exhausted.  I also was genuinely concerned that I was lost once or twice, because as the crowds dispersed, I found myself in pitch black forest ALL ALONE.  Plus, I knew there was a guy running around wearing a ‘Scream’ mask.  That may have made me run faster.

Have a look at the ridiculousness that was the route last night:

Are You Freaking Kidding Me!?
Are You Freaking Kidding Me!?


Date Balls

I only recently discovered Medjool dates (*shock*horror*) and their deliciousness knows no bounds.  After my discovery, Andrea (we have the same name, how amazing are we), sent me a recipe to make Date Balls.  I made them for the first time recently and no jokes, these things are freaking delicious and really good for you!  So, heregoes..


14 dates (pitted)

6 tablespoons of almonds

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of dessicated coconut


Put all of the ingredients into a blender or food processor.

Blend until it’s smooth-ish.  It did take a fair amount of time until I was happy with the texture.

Roll into balls.

photo 4Roll in some extra coconut or cocoa powder.

That’s it!  It’s that simple!  They are delicious.  It genuinely tastes like chocolate truffles, and I am officially obsessed.  The key now is to make sure I don’t eat them all in one go – thereby, undoing the ‘health’ aspect of this recipe.

My Journey

I have always struggled with my weight.  I have been on countless diets, and I have given up countless times.  I am the definition of an emotional eater (except, I eat for any emotions, not just when I’m upset), and my sweet tooth knows no limits.  I also, genuinely, never really feel full.  It’s like my ability to feel full was switched off many moons ago – probably by my own doing.

Although, I’ve lost weight previously, I slowly found that it had started coming back with a vengeance and I knew I had to do something about it.  With this, I took a long hard look at myself, and my bad habits (and why I feel the need to sabotage my body), and I decided to re-join Weigh-Less.  The reason Weigh-Less works for me the most is because it teaches me portion sizes, which I am useless with.  Put food in front of me, and I’ll eat it.  I lose track of how much I should eat, as opposed to how much I want to eat.

It also meant eating really healthily.  I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol.  This has been one of the hardest parts and I have had a really tough time with this as people just don’t understand why you’d want to stop drinking, and feel that you aren’t fun anymore because of it.

It has been a fairly slow, long process but I am just happy that the weight is coming off.  Over the last 6 months, I have lost 7kg, and I am a total of 19cm down.  My BMI has gone from 24.9 to 22.4.  I feel better about myself, I have more energy.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, and there have many tears along the way as I would sob to Ross, “I just want to eat chocolate!“.  I’ve still got a way to go – I’d like to lose about 3kg more, despite my BMI being at the right level now.  I’m currently in between sizes (an 8 is a teeny bit too small, but a 10 is just that little bit too big), so I think the extra 3kg will help me drop down to a proper size 8.

I didn’t realize how difficult the last few kg would be, as they are coming off veeeery slowly.  I’ll lose a couple hundred grams, and then put a few grams back on.  It’s like two steps forward, one step back at the moment.  Now, I’ve decided that the only way to beat these last 3kg is to smash some exercise.  Running is my absolute favourite form of exercise – I’m not such a fan of gyms.  I have a 10km race coming up in November, and have devised a training programme that will involve running four times a week.  Bye, bye fat!

thennow thennow2 7kg