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Everything is Going to Be OK

Have you seen these stickers all over the place, like I have?!  I’ve needed this message more today, than ever before.

okSeeing this sticker in a random place – on an ATM, at toll roads, parking ticket dispensers – has always put a smile on my face, often when I needed it most.  I always took comfort in seeing these stickers and wondered about the person behind the stickers.  I did a bit of research and discovered that this initiative was started by Elli Garb about five years ago.

I dig the idea of little bursts of positivity greeting people in unlikely (or overlooked) places.  This sticker campaign was borne out of a personal need. The need to produce art combined with my need to feel affirmed. The need to still feel the thrill of public tampering combined with the fact that I’m already a grown up. The need to make a positive statement (even in a whisper), in contrast to the negative overload I’m overwhelmed by. – Elli Garb

I’ve got my stickers and have already started spreading the message.  If you’d like some stickers, simply email Elli on elligarb@gmail.com.