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The TV show ‘Friends’ is basically my favourite TV show of all time.  I have the full boxset, and I’ve watched it over and over.  I pretty much know the episodes off by heart, and can say the script along with the actors.  Side note: I can be annoying to watch TV shows with.

Here are my top ten favourite quotes from Friends: (more…)


Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to head off to Emmarentia Dam to watch Bastille perform live, supported by other bands: Matthew Mole, Beatenberg and Bed on Bricks.

Ross and I got there a little later than we had hoped and were a bit sad to hear Matthew Mole performing his last song as we arrived.  I’m a big lover of Matthew Mole and wish they had put him on stage just before Bastille.

On top of this, it was BOILING hot.  Good thing I didn’t wear the jeans I was planning on!  The sun was beating down on us.  I was a bit annoyed though, as the concert organizers strictly said: no chairs, no umbrellas, no drinks – but of course, they let all of these in.  I was frustrated, because had I know we could do this, I would have.

Nonetheless, it was an awesome chilled vibe.  We picnicked, tanned in the sun, and relaxed.

bastilleWe were then hit by quite a lot of rain, but this was a welcome break to the heat, and I was pretty content in my shelter.

bastille2And then, Bastille came on just as we were working our way closer down to the stage.

They were INCREDIBLE.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a band live that sounds so good.  It literally sounded like I was listening to their CD.  Dan Smith’s voice was pure perfection, he hit all the notes perfectly despite dancing around and running through the crowd.  I was very impressed.  They played one or two new songs that were just beautiful, and made me even more of a fan.

The band tweeted a picture of the crowd at Emmarentia and I think this picture perfectly sums up the vibe amid a gorgeous sunset.



H is for Holidays

I can’t believe my holiday time is already over.  I had a total of 19 days off, which was just what I needed after the trying year I’ve had.

The holiday started with a roadtrip down to Hermanus.  A 14 hour drive.

roadtripI’ve never been to Hermanus, and really liked the small sleepy town.

hermanusWe also witnessed some incredible sunsets.

sunsetA lot of time was spent on the beach getting our suntan on – I burnt quite badly right at the start of the holiday which suuuucked but at least I’m nice and brown now.

beachI did the bravest thing I’ve done in 5 years – hired a bike.  Now, I’m an overly-cautious (aka neurotic) person.  I’m scared of speed, danger, adventure.  So it’s unbelievable, but I actually cycled this bike into Hermanus town.  It was only 3km – but that’s 3km on a road with cars.  I freaked out a couple times, but I’m super proud of myself for doing that which scares me.

cyclingWe spent a day in Cape Town.  We had some Burger King (omg yum), after which, Ross and I went full-tourist and visited Table Mountain.

tablemountainWe came back home to celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve (part of our German heritage).  We also devoured a gingerbread house covered in Lebkuchen.  Delicious.  I couldn’t take any back with me to Joburg because I knew I would never stop eating.

gingerbreadhouseI then took it really easy, watched movies, had some orientation sessions at the new job, and even went ice skating!  I used to ice skate quite often – I even took lessons, but I lost my knack and was very nervous about getting out on the ice.  I actually really enjoyed it and am now considering taking up lessons this year – they can be done on Wednesday evenings, which would work perfectly for my schedule.

iceskatingBefore we knew it, New Years Eve was upon us.  My amazing friend Lani hosted us at her house – she is renowned for throwing the best parties.  It was such a great evening, with the perfect people.  We drank delicious punch, played hilarious drinking games and partied into the early hours of the morning.

newyearsWelcome, 2014!  Nice to meet you!


My 2013

This has been a really difficult year, but I’m happy to say it actually flew by.

I left a job at Jhb Gen Labour Ward.

jhbgenA month or two later, Ross and I became homeowners after buying a flat together.

rossandyI became more active, and started competing in adventure races and road running races.

image(1)I acquired two awesome kittens.

kittiesI took steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

healthI spent time with incredible friends.

imageI fell more in love.

love2Watch out, 2014. I’m coming for you!

It’s Holiday Time!

Yes, the time has arrived!

I have finished work for the year, and will start my new job in January.  I’m so excited, I might explode.

Tomorrow morning, we are leaving super early to go to Hermanus!  I’ve never been before, and I’ve heard it’s absolutely stunning so I’m quite excited for it.  We’ll be joining Jess and her family until just before Christmas.

I really need a break away, the last couple of months haven’t been easy and I can’t wait to just relax, sleep, suntan, read, get fresh air.  Needless to say, I may be quiet on the social media front – and I most likely won’t be blogging much.

So, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope it’s happy, joyful time for you all.   Let’s say goodbye to 2013 with a bang!

Also, thanks to Cleo for this picture that made me smile..