I don’t have the green thumbs that everyone else in my family seems to have. I have had tons of pot plants, all of which last a few months before they shrivel up and go to garden heaven. Now, before you tell me, “Oh please, Andrea, it’s so easy! You just need to water them!” All I need to say is:

A. No matter how much you water them, a lack of green thumbs will still kill your flowers.


B. I will admit that I forget to water my plants almost every day (so, admittedly, maybe it’s not all about the green thumbs).

But seriously, I wake up so early in the mornings (5AM) to get to work before 7, that I just don’t have the energy (or care) to stand outside in the cold watering my plants. By the time I get home, I forget (read: am too lazy) to water them.

I tried with the flowers. I really did. I have tried for the last 4 years.

So, in my mind I had given up until I had a genius moment and saw that The Garden Shop had a special on. I had a vision of exactly what my garden needed. Ross and I popped down to the nursery yesterday and bought our supplies. As soon as we got home, we excitedly started fixing up our garden.

Here is the before:

green thumbs
The Before

And here is the after:

green thumbs
The After

The trees are Brush Cherry trees or ‘Syzigium paniculata’, if you want to sound fancy. We also bought the two pots (buy one, get one free – if you don’t mind), and some white stones to keep on top of the potting soil to prevent weeds from growing. Simple. Easy peasy.

Basically, I’m in love. I’m so happy with how it turned out – and now I don’t have to care as much about faffing over plants – my garden now looks lovely.

I’d love to know your tips for a beautiful and hassle-free garden – green thumbs or not.

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