Ross and I are in a dinner club with the rest of his family.  Every second week, two couples will dine together and each couple will have a turn at hosting.  The aim is to cook something different and out of the ordinary.  Realizing my delicious lasagne wouldn’t suffice, Ross and I gave it some thought and ultimately decided on the following:

For Mains:

Fillet steak with a Chocolate-Chilli sauce served on a bed of crispy vermicelli and rocket salad with a side of Potato Dauphinoise.


For Dessert:

Vanilla Bean Panna cotta served with Fresh Berries


This meal did coincide with my latest bout of healthy eating and losing weight but I managed to work around having too much of the mains – I must admit that I did annihilate the Panna cotta though – I have an insatiable sweet tooth – and it was divine, if I do say so myself!

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