A Post-Workout Protein Shake You Have to Try

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt this year is how getting older affects your metabolism. Six years ago, I restricted my portion sizes, ate healthily, and lost 13kgs without doing ANY exercise. Fast forward to today, and that just doesn’t work anymore. I have tried eating really well, eating smaller amounts of really good food, and although I’ve lost 5kg – the rest of the weight I’ve managed to gain just won’t budge. (more…)

The Nutribullet and My Anti-Oxidant Boost Recipe

If you’ve been living at all lately, chances are you would have heard of ‘The Nutribullet’ by now. I’ve always been big on health – and in particular, I am a big fan of juicing. I have worked my way through many a juicer, and they either die from overuse, or are just a total pain to clean after every juicing session and end up collecting dust. The other issue, is how much fruit and vegetables you have to use just to get a small cup of juice. The Nutribullet changed all of this. There was a great daily deal on takealot.com – and I snapped it up in no time. (more…)

Fitness in Pregnancy

One of a mother’s biggest concerns when she falls pregnant is her body and it’s changing shape. Hand-in-hand with this is, of course, her fitness in pregnancy! Will her body ever return to the same shape? How can she stay fit? Can she exercise while she’s pregnant? Is it important to stay in shape? The good news is that staying fit when you’re expecting is possible – and that’s why I’m here! (more…)

Radio Silence

You may have noticed that my blog has been kind of quiet of late. There’s a bit of a ‘radio silence’, if you will. The good news is that I haven’t jumped onto the first plane to no man’s land – I’m still around. (more…)


Let me start by saying that I am terrified of spiders. Petrified. Full on phobia stuff. If you don’t have a phobia, you probably will not understand the feeling of absolute dread and fear at being confronted by <insert scary thing here>. (more…)

The Sickness and My Introspection

I’ve been booked off sick for a couple days. I have actually been sick for over two weeks now, and what started off as a bit of a cold has progressed to a full-blown severe sinusitis.  I’ve been having the worst sinus headaches of my life (thanks to the inflammation causing me to BLEED INTO MY SINUSES). It’s a sexy time – let me tell you that much – and I am not even starting to feel better yet. (more…)