The Breastfeeding Top-Up Trap

It is common for newly breastfeeding moms to fall into what we call ‘the top-up trap’. Haven’t heard of this before?

Here’s how it works:

After you have delivered your baby, it takes a few days for your milk to ‘come in’.  In the beginning, all you will have is small amounts of colostrum being secreted.  Moms worry when they don’t see actual milk, and think that perhaps they are not making enough milk for their baby. (more…)

An Easy Homemade DIY Facemask

Andy’s DIY Facemask

I generally have pretty good skin, and can’t really complain much. I have combination-sensitive skin, with a propensity for blackheads and pimples around the mouth and chin (which is apparently hormone-related – damn you, hormones!).

I decided to play around with different homemade face masks and seem to have come up with a winning combination. Here is my homemade DIY Facemask! (more…)

Sometimes Green Thumbs are Overrated

I don’t have the green thumbs that everyone else in my family seems to have. I have had tons of pot plants, all of which last a few months before they shrivel up and go to garden heaven. Now, before you tell me, “Oh please, Andrea, it’s so easy! You just need to water them!” All I need to say is:

A. No matter how much you water them, a lack of green thumbs will still kill your flowers.


B. I will admit that I forget to water my plants almost every day (so, admittedly, maybe it’s not all about the green thumbs). (more…)

The Ultimate Skin Care and Repair Product

I recently discovered the ultimate skin care and repair product – pretty much by pure luck. I often tweet about my troubles with eczema. When I’m stressed, I have eczema flare-ups – I used to get eczema on my hands, but this has stopped. I now get eczema on my eyelids. MY EYELIDS YOU GUYS. Naaat ideal. I recently tweeted about my latest flare up..

skin care (more…)

A Beetroot Bullet to Give You a Boost

I recently started using a NutriBullet, and I have really been enjoying it. When I took a gap year off, and lived in London, I went on an almost daily basis to a Juice shop near the company I worked at – and my boss always ordered a specific drink: Beetroot, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery and Ginger. I got it for him all the time. I always thought it looked so strange, especially the time I dropped it in the elevator and had red juice all over me, and the elevator floor – just after starting at the company. Not awkward at all. It took me a while to work up the courage to try the combination, but boy oh boy, am I glad that I did. By the way, if you want to try something refreshing and delicious, you can recreate that veggie juice at Kauai. Here is the latest recipe that I’ve created, with that same juice as inspiration. I call it a Beetroot Bullet. (more…)

The McCain 5 Day Challenge

I was recently tasked with a challenge by McCain. My mission (should I choose to accept it) was to use McCain products every day for 5 days as part of the #McCain5DayChallenge. To be honest, it didn’t seem like it would be too difficult to accomplish from the start – simply because, if you open my freezer, you will only find McCain products.  I always use McCain because I just find it so simple, there is no prep work and they freeze in as much goodness as possible.  I don’t think it’s feasible to constantly buy fresh veggies – and this is just the next best thing. (more…)

Why I Love Weekend Getaways

Life has been tough in recent months, and one thing I have realized is that it’s important to give yourself time to breathe, get a bit of a break from the madness, and to sometimes just do nothing. You’d lose your sanity if you didn’t. It was time for another weekend getaway. Oh, how we love weekend getaways. Let me tell you why I love them so much.. (more…)

Pulled Pork

I’m back! After a rather long absence due to a number of reasons – no computer, a promotion at work, and a sick dad. But here I am. I hope you’ve all missed me as much as I missed you!  I have an obsession to share with you – a Pulled Pork obsession. (more…)