Ask Andy – Holding On

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Holding On, 24, from Port Elizabeth asks,

Hi Andy,

I was dating my boyfriend (now ex) for just over a year when he dumped me in January. We still kept talking since then, and he messages me a lot. He started dating a new girl that he met around 5 months ago and it looks serious.

Problem is I’m not over him and I still love him. He promises he’s no going to marry this new girl and that he’s just having fun. Will he come back? How can I convince him to be with me and not her?

Hi Holding On,

Unfortunately, it seems you’re holding on for no good reason, and he’s just using you as a way to keep his options open – very convenient for him. (more…)

Tales of a Student Nurse: No Crazy for Me Today

Myself, Cindy and Ariel often sat outside the main entrance of the hospital on concrete steps. Firstly, because the cafeteria smelt like poop and secondly, because the Canteen only sold Food Poisoning. The psychiatric patients on the second floor often looked down at us sitting in the freedom and tended to take a liking to me and would wave at me constantly.

I kept seeing the same patient for a couple of weeks in a row. He would wave at me every time he saw me and he would gesture over and over that I must come up and visit him. No thanks, not ready to be murdered today! I hadn’t seen him in a while. I thought that maybe he was discharged. Or knocked-out by a tazer or all the anti-crazy pills. Or sitting outside my bedroom window right now, watching me. (more…)

Healthy Andy – My Eating and Workout Plan

Is it just me, or is life particularly hard at the moment? Stressful. Exhausting. Frustrating. Overwhelming.. I’m feeling so out of touch with life because it seems to be flying by – I hate the feeling. A holiday is definitely in order. I’ve slowly realized that this has all taken a toll on me..

I’m the epitome of an emotional eater. And boy, do I have the worst sweet tooth ever. The last year has been very stressful and I’ve been pretty much overwhelmed with sadness most of the time. I suddenly realized I have been eating all the things. All. The. Things. I have slowly, but surely, been gaining weight and I now find myself at one of the heaviest weights I have ever been. I realized that I’m not ‘healthy’ anymore. (more…)

Ask Andy – Blocked Baby

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Mandy, 31, from Johannesburg, asks:

Hi Andy, I saw that you’re a qualified midwife so I was wondering if you could help me with something that’s wrong with my baby. She is 8 days old, and is sick. She has a blocked nose and is very stuffy. She sounds congested and I think she has a lung infection (maybe like pneumonia?) because I can hear it is in her lungs. Is there any kind of treatment I can give?

Hi Mandy,

The good thing about babies is that they are fairly ‘easy’ to read. What I mean is, if she is actually sick, she will in all likelihood be displaying an elevated body temperature or fever (usually above 38°C). So, if you haven’t already, then please check her temperature. If such a young baby has a fever of unknown cause, you must take her to your paediatrician immediately.


Ask Andy – Worried Boyfriend

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Worried Boyfriend, 27, from Johannesburg, asks:

Hi Andy, can guys also use your advice column? My girlfriend went on holiday and after she returned we had sex and my penis is full of red welts and has a few small sores. She says its nothing to worry about. She’s been very secretive and spending alot of time messaging someone she met on holiday – should I be concerned?

Dear Worried Boyfriend,

Of course you guys can use my advice column! It’s here for anyone and everyone. :)

Let’s start with the changes in her behaviour. It’s difficult to say whether you should be concerned because I don’t know what your relationship is like. For example, I trust my boyfriend implicitly and simply know that he’d be open and honest with me, and I know it’s not like him to hide what he’s doing or to be secretive – so, I’d personally be very concerned if he suddenly became secretive and started messaging someone he had met on holiday. However, because I trust him, I’d be open and I would simply ask him if I’m just being oversensitive, or if I need to worry.   (more…)

Ask Andy – Strange Happenings

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Nomps, 23, from Pietermaritzburg, asks:

hey Andy. ….I slept with my boyfriend with out using protection nd 2days after I went on my periods which is a bit strange coz it was rather early for my periods … I’m worried if it possible to get pregnant

Hi Nomps,

There are a number of reasons you could bleed after having sex – and it isn’t usually a sign of pregnancy.


The Intern Review – An Unexpected Movie that Left Me in Tears

On Sunday night, Ross and I went for dinner and to watch a movie. It has become a sort of ritual for us, this movie thing, and there are just so many great movies coming out lately. We also loooove movies.

We watched ‘The Intern‘ starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. It is a comedy about a 70-year old, Ben Whittaker, (De Niro) who discovers that retirement isn’t all it is cracked up to be, and leaves him bored and wanting for more. He applies for a senior intern post, and gets the job where he works under Jules Ostin (Hathaway), who founded and runs the company. He ends up becoming somewhat of an adviser for Jules, and helps her in unexpected ways. (more…)

Ask Andy – Period Panic

Period Panic, 21, from Durban asks:

Hi Andy,

This is really awkward and I’ve avoided google because I know it isn’t always the best with the facts. I had sex while I was on my period about two weeks ago, because my boyfriend said you can’t fall pregnant if you’re on your period. But when I told my friends, they said that you can get pregnant even if you’re on your period? I’m freaking out. Please help! What can I do?!

Hi Period Panic,

Unfortunately, I don’t have amazing news for you because it is definitely possible for you to fall pregnant while you are on your period. Now, before you run away screaming, it is pretty rare for this to happen. (more…)

Bountiful Berries Bullet

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am not a morning person. Not in any way, shape or form.. So, you can all be very proud of me because I woke up a few minutes early to make my Bountiful Berries Bullet.

Berries are packed with Vitamin C, and have anti-ageing properties – vital for this post-birthday girl.

Here’s my recipe, with inspiration from the Kayla Itsines eating plan..