Ladies’ Eyes Only (Trust Me) – Menstrual Cup

This is a bit of a taboo subject, because not many people discuss this, and I think a lot of people (especially men – ahem), like to pretend it isn’t real and doesn’t happen. But it does. Periods. The average woman of today has about 450 periods in her lifetime. Most women bleed for five days a month, every single month. That’s 2,250 days of periods. *sob*

It’s thought that 70% of women use tampons when they are on their period. The tampon and pad industry is said to be a $700 million dollar market. Tampons and pads are mass-produced and cheaply-made, yet sold at quite an expensive rate. The average women will use 11,000 tampons in her life. 11,000!

I had been thinking about what I am putting into my body (literally) when using tampons, and what I’m exposing my skin to when using pads. And a short little google search confirmed my suspicions. Tampons and pads are simply not good for you! This article from Collective Evolution was a mind-opener for me, and I’d highly recommend you read it in full. (more…)

Healthy Andy – Is White Bread the Devil?

I have completed my third week of #HealthyAndy, and once again, the week went really well.

I went out for dinner with friends, which is always a challenge because I get tempted by all the delicious food. But I opted for a lean fillet steak (of which I only ate half), plus I asked for a salad instead of chips and onion rings, and got a side of roast butternut too. It was delicious, and left me feeling super full. I’m not one for cutting out carbs. No, I love carbs too much. Don’t come tell me about Banting. (more…)

Ask Andy – Is the Morning-After Pill Safe?

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Sibusisiwe, from Johannesburg, asks:

Andy, I’m really bad at taking my pill – I forget all the time. I have a boyfriend, and we are sexually active. Because I forget to take my pill, I usually take the morning after pill on a regular basis to stop myself from falling pregnant. Is this a problem? My friend says it’s not good for you?

Hi Sibusisiwe,

Firstly, let’s have a look at the morning-after pill. It is called emergency contraception for a reason – it should only be used for emergencies. Depending on which morning-after pill brand you choose, you will need to take a certain number of tablets at a certain time. (more…)

Tales of a Student Nurse: Sister Zee

Theatre was interesting for a number of reasons. I had to work 50 hours in theatre when I was training as part of my Nursing degree. On our first day there, after orientation about where everything was (which I couldn’t care less about considering I didn’t want to fetch anything – I really just wanted to see blood and gore), a sister came up to us and introduced herself. “Hi guys, I’m Sister Zee.” She seemed pretty cool. It was only later I realized that she suffered from raging Bipolar Disorder. (more…)

Ask Andy – Moody Melissa

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Moody Melissa, 20, from Johannesburg asks,

Hi Andy. I recently started taking the pill, and have since become a crazy moody bitch. Does the pill cause mood swings? What can I do about them?

Hi Moody Melissa,

One of the most common side effects of the pill is mood swings, and it’s simply because of the hormones that are entering your body that you are simply not used to. The pill can cause some simple moodiness that may resolve in time, but it can also occasionally cause depression. (more…)

Hair Help – I Need Your Vote!

If you know me but at all, then you’ll know that I am the most indecisive person IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Not world. Universe. Lately, I’ve been longing for a bit of a ‘change’, and what better way for a brand new you, than a haircut?

However, let it be known that I am not one for small measures. I would never really consider just taking a few centimetres off. I’m an all or nothing kinda gal.

So, my question to you, dear readers, is this: should I cut my hair into a short, messy bob?

This is the current length of my hair: (more…)

Healthy Andy – How The First Week Went

I’m very excited to tell you that the first week of #HealthyAndy went surprisingly well. If I’m dedicated to the cause, I can apply myself and in turn, surprise myself with my results.

I spent the week eating healthy food, and eating really well, according to a fairly strict eating plan where I averaged eating about 1200-1600 calories per day. – thanks to My Fitness Pal and Fitbit, it is super easy to keep an eye on what you’re eating.  (more…)