Ask Andy – Egg Donation

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Egg-tastic, 31, from Pretoria, asks:

Hi Andy,

I saw that you used to be a fertility nurse and I wanted to find out some more information on egg donation. Are there specific criteria I must meet to become one? I know that you have to take medicine to be an egg donor, is it tablets I drink? I’m very scared of injections. More importantly, will I get lots of money? ;)


I’m back! Here’s my Holiday Roundup, just for You!

Holiday time is officially over. Hello friendly faces!

Happy 2016 to you all! I hope you have had an amazing festive season and holiday, if you were lucky enough to have a break.

I really enjoyed my little break. It was a very subdued Christmas as it was the first Christmas without my dad, but I have no doubt next Christmas will be a little bit easier.

Ross and I couldn’t decide whether to pop down to Durban or not on our holiday, but we ultimately decided it would just be a bit easier to stay in Joburg. We came to a compromise, and decided to do a couple ‘day trips’ to explore and see things we hadn’t seen before (like the Pretoria zoo, for Ross!). The bonus was that we still got to spend time with our kittens family.

Here’s my holiday round-up! (more…)

Here’s to 2016 (aka Good Riddance, 2015)

Has this last year just been so rough, or is it just me?

I am absolutely, totally exhausted. I haven’t had the energy to blog lately, or to do anything other than just get through each day, one by one. Even sitting writing this post is taking more energy than I care to expend. Every thing feels like an effort. I don’t want to adult anymore, if I’m perfectly honest.

If 2016 isn’t way better than 2015, then I’m not quite sure how I’ll cope. My stress levels and emotions have been tested more than ever over the past twelve months. I can pretty honestly look back at 2015 and not say that I don’t have many happy memories. How sad is that?

I’m super relieved because today is my last day of work, and I’ll now be on leave until the 6th of January.

Blogging will, of course, be intermittent (if not completely on hold).

I hope you all have a lovely festive season. It’s time to recharge my batteries, and get back to living life. My apologies for a rather depressing blog post. The good new is that Christmas is actually my favourite time of the year, so I am actually happy deep down inside.

I’m just ready to forget 2015 and move on.

P.S. Planning ahead.. 2016 is, I think, set to be a goodie – with lots of adventure, and exciting times. But, more on that later!

The Truth About Labour – What Are They Doing to my Baby?

Often, there is so much information to take in with regards to labour, that many people don’t know the facts from the falsehoods.  Here is the truth about: What Are They Doing to my Baby?

What Are They Doing to my Baby?

After delivery, it is always recommended that you have skin-to-skin contact with your baby to allow for bonding. If you are going to breastfeed your baby, the best time to start is within 30 minutes of delivering. Either way, at one stage or another, baby will be taken away from you for the hospital staff to ensure everything is fine.

They may clean her up a bit; they’ll give her an injection of Vitamin K to help with blood clotting, and will administer eye ointment to prevent any infections. They may give her some oxygen if she is a bit blue, and they will also do some measurements – weight, length and head circumference. These are necessary tasks to be done, but your baby will be back with you in no time for more alone time and bonding.

baby umbilical cord

Healthy Andy – What I Eat in a Day

I’ve had a couple requests to blog about what I eat in a day on my #HealthyAndy plan. Obviously, this changes each day – I try to keep it exciting and different each day, mostly to keep myself motivated, but also so that my body doesn’t know what is coming next and I avoid the dreaded plateau.

Here’s an idea of what I eat in a day. Please note that this shouldn’t be used as dietary advice – I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician, and I just know what works for me. So far, I’ve fared well with the extensive use of rad140 for my workouts. (more…)

Healthy Andy – It’s All About Balance

Man alive, was the last week hectic or what?! I really feel like I just can’t keep up. So, how did Week 5 of #HealthyAndy go? Well, I reminded myself that it’s all about balance.

I think part of my struggle has always been that if I eat unhealthily once, then I throw in the towel and think that everything is ruined so I may as well just eat terribly all the time and just accept that. However, the concept of 80-20 balance has become profound for me. Although I have read about it before, I realized that I had in all likelihood been applying the idea incorrectly to my own life. (more…)

Ask Andy – A Question About Contraception

Welcome to my Ask Andy page! This is your opportunity ask me the burning questions that are on your mind – and they can be about anything you want advice on!

Xoli, 25, from KZN asks:

Hi Andy, I recently started taking injectable contraception (the two month one) from my local clinic. I’ve been on it for four months now but I still haven’t seen my period. Is this normal? Is there dirty blood inside me now? I’m also gaining weight! Please help!

Hi Cynthia,

Unfortunately all forms of contraception will have some side effects. (more…)

A Homemade Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

With my recent hair makeover, I’ve had to look at new ways of styling my hair, as opposed to the twisted messy top knot that I had pretty much perfected.

Having short and fine hair, it’s important for me to get as much body and texture into my hair as possible. I’ve tried a few different things – including buying an actual texturizing spray (which just kind of makes my hair feel very sticky and hard – albeit extremely textured). I have even resorted to making my own sea salt texturizing spray (because let’s face it, living in South Africa means you cannot find products like that at the shops), and this ended up being the product I like the most! (more…)