Travel Diary: Chatuchak and MBK

We overslept and missed breakfast the next day, thanks to jet lag, but I was happy to get as much rest as possible, I was feeling exhausted.  We woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and made our way to the MRT Underground, and then connected to the fancy Sky Train that is super-fast and gives you a great view of the city as you travel through it. (more…)

Travel Diary: The Journey to Bangkok

‘Travel on Christmas day’, they said. ‘The airport will be quiet’, they said. ‘The plane will be empty’, they said. By ‘they’, I mean ‘I’. Was I wrong, or what?!

It turns out Christmas Day is a busy travel day. We got to the airport quite early – I have a thing about being late – and after checking-in, we had some lunch and waited for our long journey to begin. We obviously did some duty-free shopping – you can’t not do it! Ross was very excited about Toblerone. I have trained him well. (more…)

Ross and Andy in Thaiheesy – The Video

We are back from our amazing trip.. I have so much to tell you all! But before we get into all of that, I thought I’d share a little video I made of our holiday with you. Enjoy! :)

Bangkok, Patong, Phi Phi and Krabi. Temples, buddhas, food, partying, swimming, snorkelling, monkeys, elephants, and a whole lot of happiness.

It’s official – I fell in love with Thailand.

Goodbye, 2014


You have been the worst year of my life – and many other people can say the same thing. Perhaps you were here to test me.. You have done your job, I have been tested and I am now finished with you. (more…)

Gone Kitty

Our cat Coco gave us one hell of a scare on Sunday. She is an extremely timid and quiet cat. She runs and hides at the smallest noises. That said, though, in times of danger she gets aggressive. She is also the kind of cat that wants to explore the ‘hood, which we try limit her ability to do. She has only ever explored our complex, however, and has never made it out into the big, wide world. Frankly, she wouldn’t cope.  (more…)

Cape Town, Here I Come!

I have been wanting to participate in the Two Oceans marathon for a while now, and things have always just gotten in the way – work, finances, or entries just selling out too fast.  So, I soon learnt that by joining a running club, I could have access to entries a week earlier than the general public – thereby, greatly increasing my chances of getting an entry. (more…)