The plan was to leave on the 29th of December, spend one night in Bangkok, and then make our way to the West islands of Phuket, Kho Phi Phi and Krabi.

Then, I started researching Bangkok to figure out what the most important activity is that we could do in one night. Bad mistake. I realized there is TOO MUCH to do in Bangkok. I quickly arranged for a change in flight (at a, thankfully, minimal cost) and we are now leaving on the 25th! Yes, I’m a heathen – but my family is German, and we celebrate on Christmas Eve, not Christmas day. This means FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN BANGKOK.

And, my word, we have a lot we want to do: Rooftop bars, The Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), The Leaning Buddha of Wat Pho, The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), the Damnoen Saduak floating market, Chatuchak weekend market, MBK centre, Lumphini park, China Town (Yaowarat). We’re even considering a night cruise down the canals.

I am so damn excited.

Now, we are flying to Ethiopia from Jhb (8 hours), and after a 4 hour wait, it’s a 13 hour flight to Bangkok. We did this to save cash, which worked, but I am super worried about jetlag. Any tips on how to lessen jetlag? A friend insists on taking sleeping tablets on the plane – any truth to this?

I just downloaded an app that teaches you to talk Thai. You know how to ask where the nearest Underground station is? Phonetically: sa-ta-nee-rod-fai-tai-din-tee-glai-tee-sud-yoo-tee-nai-ka. Who in the WHAT now?! I’m totes just going to act out the movements of a train.

Which just reminds me of Meet the Parents, “Oh, Jack talk Thai. Jack talk Thai very well.” Best!

Last minute tips.. Aaaaaand, go!

4 comments on “Our Adventure is (Almost) Here!”

  1. I always take sleeping tablets on the plane! its the only way to get any sleep since after a couple of hours, you lose all feeling in your behind. But time it as you’ll want to watch some movies on the plane, and not miss meals ;)

    Also – try Melatonin? I’ve never taken it but I heard its good for Jetlag.

    You are going to have a blast!! :) Enjoy every second.

    Final tip: don’t spend all your energy converting currency. Research what eg. a beer should cost in the local currency and think in local currency terms. Also – almost everything is negotiable, and is considered part of the culture. Never accept the first price you are offered in a market :)

  2. We arrive in Bangkok tomorrow night…. I’m so freakin excited!! But I’ll let you know any good tips etc
    We’re planning those same islands too and thinking of getting the train down from Bangkok.
    Ever time I’ve taken a long flight I’ve always just tried to keep to normal sleeping times. But I’ve never taken sleeping tablets so was worried I’d not wake up for ages. X

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