Is it weird that I consider myself somewhat of a writer, even though it may not be my ‘day job’?  I suppose it depends what your definition of a ‘writer’ is.  If you define a writer as someone who gets paid to write, then technically I’m not that (although I occasionally have been paid to write, it has never been on a long-term basis).

On the long list of all the things I’ve ever wanted to study, Journalism (and Writing) were way up there amongst Zoology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Relations and Psychology (please note – Nursing was never on the list).  However, as life would have it, things didn’t work out quite like that and I managed to find myself training to be (and now working as) a midwife.

That said though, I’ve never lost my love for writing.  In school, creative classes were my favourite – I loved writing stories.  English was great, and thanks to a great English teacher, I really honed my skills.  I loved History class – mostly because of all the essays we had to write in exams.  I’m a writing nerd.

As the month comes to a close, I must say I’ve enjoyed this Writer’s Bootcamp because it helped inspire me to write.  I love writing, but to be honest, my blog tends to take a backseat amongst life and all the things that go with it.  I also struggle to know what to write about a lot of the time, so having a set topic every day helped.  I often also think, “What is the point of blogging?  No one really cares about your 64 different colours of nail varnish.”.

I hope to keep working on my writing.  I have written for some magazines on occasion (in my professional capacity), and have started doing some other odd jobs with writing.  I truly hope that writing will ultimately take a much bigger place in my life – I’d even be happy with it being my new ‘day job’ if the right opportunity presented itself.

There’s something very calming about writing when you write about things you like, and the different things going on in your life, and I find it becomes a form of therapy.  I love talking about what I’m going through, and there’s no way to better get it out than on here.

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