My friend Lanz and I have been running buddies for a while – we live close to each other, work similar hours during the week, and both have the same desires, such as this:


Lanz has yet to run a 10km race, and we’ve been slacking with the running lately so I decided it was time to get our A’s into G and sign up for one.  I was told about the Sportsman’s Warehouse 10km race on the 10th of November.  I was hoping we’d have about 6 weeks to train, but that was probably just common sense an excuse – 3 weeks will just have to be enough time for us to be race ready.

I have drafted a training programme for us to follow – and managed to get a decent number of friends to sign up for the race too.  We will be running four times a week until Race Day.  It won’t necessarily be easy but we’ll do it!


I have been having some niggles with my knee lately – I’ve been suffering from ITBS.  I’ve rested for about 4 weeks now and it has healed up, but either I am running incorrectly, or my shoes are wrong because as soon as I start to run again, it starts.  I don’t want it to happen again, as it can become chronic and it will most definitely interfere with my training so I’m off to see a biokineticist who specialises in running injuries this afternoon.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this problem sorted out once and for all.  Hopefully it’s an easy problem to solve, and I can hit the road quickly.  Our schedule tells us we will be running 3km this afternoon – a nice, easy run to ease our way back into training.

I’ve only run one 10km race before – the Soweto Marathon – which I loved, I had so much fun.  I also thought I had a decent time for my first ever race.  I’m really hoping to get a PB on this next one.


If this by some chance inspires you to run, too, check out SA Active for entry details.


5 comments on “Let’s Run a 10-K!”

  1. Good luck with the doctor’s appointment, with the training, with the race, with everything… :) You’ve done really well so far.

    PS: Gary’s suggesting I enter a 5km race to get me more dedicated. I’m not so sure.

    • Thanks! :) You really should! It will help a lot, this running thing gets addictive. If you want, you should register for Park Run, I’ll be doing it next weekend (and even more than that) and you’re welcome to join! Otherwise, I’ll let you know when there’s cool 5km races coming up and we can run together. :)

  2. I want to run 10k one day. I’m currently building up for 5k first. Only just managed to struggle through to 3k today, but it’s better than sitting doing nothing. Good luck with your run.

  3. Eeek! here we go!! 3kms today and onward to being fitness extraordinaire s! Love the pics!! haha, we need that bottom one for our group icon!

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