A while back, I blogged here about the DIY tasks Ross and I set for ourselves.

It took a while thanks to a lot of laziness, combined with excuses but we have finally finished our outdoor table and chairs!  You’ll remember that they were originally a dark mahogany style..chairWell, Ross and I changed it up completely.  We sanded down all the chairs and table, and painted them with a couple coats of white wash.  It was hard work but we are SO pleased with the results!

photo 1In celebration of our new table and chairs, I popped off to my local Mr Price Home and bought some bits and bobs to make it even more homely.  I’m so happy with what it has become.

photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5I also recently purchased a wall sticker or two from Stickaroo.  My plan is eventually to make a photo wall around this, but I’m loving it as it is in the meantime.

stickerI will start on the photo wall as soon as I can find some cheaper frames – they are ridiculously expensive, especially seeing as I’m just going to be sanding them down to give them a weathered look!

Ross has finally let me put more curtains up (he hates curtains, and grew up with either no curtains, or blinds).  Blinds are a bit too pricey for us at this stage, and the ‘no curtains’ thing is just not working for me, so I bought some inexpensive cafe curtains in the meantime for our kitchen and bathroom.

photo 1photo 2Next up for the home improvement chronicles – my picture wall, and I will be re-doing our mosaic garden table!

Stay tuned. ;)

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