Has this last year just been so rough, or is it just me?

I am absolutely, totally exhausted. I haven’t had the energy to blog lately, or to do anything other than just get through each day, one by one. Even sitting writing this post is taking more energy than I care to expend. Every thing feels like an effort. I don’t want to adult anymore, if I’m perfectly honest.

If 2016 isn’t way better than 2015, then I’m not quite sure how I’ll cope. My stress levels and emotions have been tested more than ever over the past twelve months. I can pretty honestly look back at 2015 and not say that I don’t have many happy memories. How sad is that?

I’m super relieved because today is my last day of work, and I’ll now be on leave until the 6th of January.

Blogging will, of course, be intermittent (if not completely on hold).

I hope you all have a lovely festive season. It’s time to recharge my batteries, and get back to living life. My apologies for a rather depressing blog post. The good new is that Christmas is actually my favourite time of the year, so I am actually happy deep down inside.

I’m just ready to forget 2015 and move on.

P.S. Planning ahead.. 2016 is, I think, set to be a goodie – with lots of adventure, and exciting times. But, more on that later!

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