I am already at the four week mark and holy hell, I did not have a good week last week, leading up to this milestone. It was just the worst week ever.

On Tuesday, I couldn’t find the time to exercise as I had donated blood, discovered a surprise Cotton On sale and then had dinner with friends – there was literally no time to go for a LISS session around the ‘hood.

I was determined to exercise on Wednesday.. Until Ross introduced me to a new book. ‘Vicious Circle‘ by Wilbur Smith. I have never read Wilbur Smith before (yes, seriously), and I am absolutely loving the book. I couldn’t put it down. Ross and I were going to exercise together on Wednesday, and when he got home on Wednesday evening, I curled even tighter into the couch with my book hoping he wouldn’t notice. There was no way in hell I could exercise when Hector was going through the hell he was going through!

So, yeahhhh, didn’t exercise on Wednesday either. Whoops. Half way through the worst week ever, and Thursday was even worse!

I never exercise on Thursdays because I’m at work until around 20:30/21:00 with antenatal classes. I also get to work at 06:30AM, so it’s a bit of a hectic day. In any case, I got home on Thursday night, only to find that Ross had bought Krispy Kremes for me. Peanut Butter Glaze with Chocolate Drizzle Krispy Kremes. If you followed my Thailand posts – you will have seen that I got fat for Christmas because I loooove Krispy Kremes. I would have Krispy Kreme babies if I could. So, yes. And of course, Ross brought home 6 doughnuts. I, luckily, managed to semi-restrain myself. But I didn’t stop at one doughnut, oh no, because Andy doesn’t know when to quit. I had two damn doughnuts. And they were GLORIOUS. I savoured every moment.

worst week

However, I felt very guilty, and woke up at 4AM the next morning to exercise. I ran around at work all day because it was super busy too. On Friday afternoon, I then had a yoga session with my friend Tash. Two exercise sessions in a day is pretty good in my books. Until I got home and discovered a chocolate croissant from Fournos. Oh god. I didn’t eat the whole thing, I just had a bite but it was sooo delicious. I honest can’t control myself around food. It’s bad. Ross and I then went to movies and I had a Kauai princess wrap which was delicious but not so good on the calorie count.

Argh, it was all just going downhill.

On Saturday I worked at an event for a friend, and the food was so good it was baaaad. There was a carnival theme, which meant bags of popcorn, candy floss, slush puppies, hot dogs. To end it all off, I ate all the brie cheese I could get my chubby little hands on. I was so full, and didn’t eat dinner that night. I walked around so much that I was too exhausted to exercise that day.

On Sunday I went for all-you-can-eat sushi, but I was very good, and I avoided breakfast and dinner. I worked out that I ate 700 calories alone at the sushi place. SO DAMN SHOCKING. But I exercised twice. So I guess that made up for all the food.

In any case, it just wasn’t a good week, and I felt like it was slipping out of my hands. However, I don’t believe in depriving oneself of good food. I do believe that it’s ok to sometimes take a ‘break’ from exercising, if you’re really tired or just simply don’t want to do it. As long as you pick up where you left off, you will be ok!

The (amazing) news is that I lost another 1.1kg. That’s 3.6kg down!

I took my measurements and found that I lost a total of 13.6cm!

I also took my photos and definitely found a difference in my tone, and you can already see my body changing shape. I know that last week might still catch up with me, so I’ll just have to be extra good this week and see how it goes!

worst week

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