I said I was going to enjoy the December festivities. Oh holy hell, did I enjoy or them, or what?!

I have to be honest with you all – I went overboard. Now, originally, I had stated that I would only allow myself an unrestricted diet on the 24th of December when I celebrate Christmas with my family. Well that just didn’t happen. Holiday time hit, and I just ate everything and anything – I’m not even exaggerating.

Although I managed to exercise throughout the festivities, I still managed to gain just under 2kg in two weeks! 2 KILOGRAMS! It takes me double that time to lose that much weight, damnit. This proved to me that what you eat is way more important than how much you exercise.

I must say, though, that even though the festivities are over, I’m struggling with getting back into the whole #HealthyAndy vibe. It’s like I reminded myself how delicious sugar is, and I’m not about that healthy life.

I’m trying to be dedicated again from this week – but stress levels are at an all time high, and you all know what I do when I’m stressed, right? I eat!

In any case, I’ve started running again – and I went for my first run of 2016 yesterday. I loved it, and I was pouring with sweat. I want to run every day this week, and start training for a couple 10km races to keep me in check.


Do any of you have any tips on how to get my mind right again?! I’m really struggling here – is anyone else having difficulty with this as well? The only thing giving me hope is that I know I can avoid really terrible (aka delicious) food until 11 months pass by, and it’s December 2016.


3 comments on “Healthy Andy – Out of Control Festivities”

  1. I’m having just about as much difficulty. I think once everything gets back to normal (holidays are over) then the mind might be right, hopefully. One tip I did read is to ease into the ‘diet’ again, so don’t cut everything out in one day, give yourself a week or two.

  2. A good friend of mine just lost 47kg’s ! She looks totally amazing and has been an inspiration. Just what I needed right now. Signing up for slimming classes again on Wednesday. Determined … I got this. 10Kg’s down to start…

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