I have completed my third week of #HealthyAndy, and once again, the week went really well.

I went out for dinner with friends, which is always a challenge because I get tempted by all the delicious food. But I opted for a lean fillet steak (of which I only ate half), plus I asked for a salad instead of chips and onion rings, and got a side of roast butternut too. It was delicious, and left me feeling super full. I’m not one for cutting out carbs. No, I love carbs too much. Don’t come tell me about Banting. No, no, no. However, I will always try avoid carbs when out at restaurants because firstly they basically deep fry everything, and secondly, their portion sizes are way off – as in two or three times the amount you should actually eat.

I’ve been really good throughout the week with regards to exercise, too. I haven’t missed a day, and I have been dripping with sweat after each exercise.

I was extremely active this past weekend. I went home to Springs to visit my mom, and of course, Danny the Dog woke me up at 6AM on Saturday and Sunday for his walk. I take him on an hour-long walk, which he loves, and my Fitbit showed that I had kept my heart rate in peak levels for most of the exercise (without feeling particularly exhausted).

I also spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday painting in my mom’s house – we redid the kitchen, my old bedroom, and we revamped an old desk and drawer set. Both rooms required two coats of paint, and the kitchen is quite large. It really took two days to complete. Needless to say, I’m hurting today. I wanted to keep my Fitbit on while painting to track how many calories I burnt, but when I paint, I end up getting covered in paint so I knew that wasn’t a good idea.

Again, I didn’t cheat at all (except for having a white bread roll instead of wholewheat – oh my god!) on Sunday.

But, the depressingly sad news, is that I didn’t lose any weight this week. In fact, I gained 100 grams. However, knowing how good I’ve been, and tracking my calories means I know I haven’t gone overboard, and I’ve been sure to have a calorie deficit at the end of each day. I also don’t think one white bread roll would have thrown everything off balance. Could it?! Could white bread be the devil?!

I am, however, having womanly issues, if you must know, so I have chalked the lack of weight loss down to that and the bloating and the hormones and the oh god why am I woman?

I’m going to go even harder this week, and hopefully I will have a nice change in my weight. I will not let this make me do any emotional eating!

Next week will be exciting too, because it will already have been a full month on the new Healthy Andy programme, meaning I will not only be tracking my weight, but taking my measurements as well. I will also take some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for myself to compare to the first day and see if there are any differences in how my body looks as well.

Have a healthy week everybody!





P.P.S. I’m sorry, that was just the hormones talking. They didn’t mean to shout.

P.P.P.S. They did. They did mean to shout.

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