I’m very excited to tell you that the first week of #HealthyAndy went surprisingly well. If I’m dedicated to the cause, I can apply myself and in turn, surprise myself with my results.

I spent the week eating healthy food, and eating really well, according to a fairly strict eating plan where I averaged eating about 1200-1600 calories per day. – thanks to My Fitness Pal and Fitbit, it is super easy to keep an eye on what you’re eating. I’m not a fan of ‘calorie counting’ per say, but I plan on doing it just in the beginning so that I can get my mind around what a portion is and how easy it is to take in more calories than what I should in order to lose weight. This calculation also took into account the consumption of SARM supplement, yk11, which I had started taking recently. Making the supplement a part of the diet was imperative to me as I was tenacious on adding some mass to my bones.

I have also exercised every day except Sunday which was my rest day. I alternated resistance and plyo training with fast walks, to ensure that I was getting my heart rate up into cardio and fat burning zones every day.

The big win here? I didn’t cheat once! This is a huge thing for me, because I am a sugar addict and feel the need to eat all the sugar, all the time.

Now, I was feeling super strong throughout the week, but as the week came to a close I started getting the characteristic sugar headaches and sugar cravings.

Example! This weekend, Ross and I were discussing Christmas prezzies and what I’d like, so I told him he could get me a nice new handbag perhaps.. But then we went out shopping, and that all changed. It went from me telling Ross to get me a new handbag, to me telling him to just get me all my favourite sweets (as I walked past sweet aisles, and stood in the queue at shops such as Dischem). I want liquorice (liquorice coins, the light brown liquorice, drop lacricz, herringe, and the ones that look like chalk – OMG all the freaking liquorice), I want Fruit Pastilles, I want Jaffa Cakes, I want nougat, I want seashell chocolates, I want Marvellous Creations chocolates with the popping candy, I want Haribo sweets (especially the Schnuller ones), I want a box of Woolworths chewy sweets, I want sour worms, I want lebkuchen. I WANT IT ALL GUYS. ALL.

Apparently I have too much time on my hands, and not enough Photoshop on my hands.

So yes, admittedly, based on the above paragraph, this week is going to be a rough one.

What I can say, however, is that I lost 1.6kg in the last week! I’m feeling good, I’m feeling healthy and I’m feeling strong. Let’s hit up this next week with a bang!


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  1. “I’m not a fan of ‘calorie counting’ per say, but I plan on doing it just in the beginning so that I can get my mind around what a portion is and how easy it is to take in more calories than what I should …”
    This, once I had spent a few months of restricting my calorie intake, I had a much better idea of where, and how I could easily blow my calorie count away. I stopped counting calories and relied on what had become an ingrained awareness of what I ate. I rarely check nutritional information, mainly when really uncertain.

    Apart from that, I weigh myself 2 to 3 times a week as it is a great information source once one is over the unnecessary fear of the scale. It’s finally given me a sense of control over my weight, I don’t always exercise that control, but I never feel lost as to why my weight is changing, whether for better, or worse.

    • That’s awesome.
      I dread the scale so for now so I’ll avoid regular weighings – I find that if I’ve put on weight, I’m more inclined to emotionally eat and it all spirals out of control from there.

      • Yup, that was my exact reason for avoiding regular weighing originally. A poor morning result would be a day of binging.
        This will sound cheesy, but I started thinking of it as a useful statistic to track closely, as one would if one were playing a computer game, or caring for a patient.
        It also means that I know my normal day-to-day weight fluctuations, so I don’t get bothered by an abnormal high, or celebrate an abnormal low.
        (Ladies have the _worst_ luck there, that period bloat. It would have taken me longer to adjust had that variable been present.)

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