Man, I am still struggling to get back on the damn bandwagon, you guys! It has been such a struggle.

I only lost 200g in the last week, but to be honest, after one too many toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch because I lost all will to meal plan, I actually expected to put on at least 1kg.

I am slowly getting back into my running, which I have missed terribly and I’m really enjoying. It always feels like a good workout – I tend to hold back when I do resistance or plyometric workouts, because I tell myself I’m tired – but when I run, I don’t even let myself walk, and I push myself to just keep going so I know I get a better work out in.

I’m also looking at different lifestyle changes, and I have been reading up a lot about a vegan lifestyle. I haven’t officially started it yet, but it’s definitely something I want to really work at because I do believe it is healthier. The one thing that concerns me is that you have to supplement your diet – while I already take tons of vitamins, it concerns me that I’d be possibly causing harm to myself by choosing that diet.

I have quit dairy this week, however, as logically I know that it is not ‘normal’ to drink milk as adults. I’ve switched over to almond milk which I think is DELICIOUS. I have also quit sugar (again).

I’m going to try avoid red meat as much as possible, and focus on alternative protein sources. I may ultimately cut out chicken and fish as well – for a number of personal reasons. I will probably continue eating eggs because they’re a great source of protein. However, I want to research this properly to ensure I fully understand what the human body needs and how I can achieve that through nutrition.

Any tips or advice would be great! If you have any sources that I can read, that would be great too.

Hopefully I’ll have better news of at least 1kg loss next week! Have a good one, friends.


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  1. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Keep eating healthy and exercising regularly and good things should happen. As long as the weight is decreasing and not increasing then you are still doing something right.

  2. Andrea you are not the only one. I am starting over again on the 1st February. I have signed up for Sure Slim. I need the direction, the support and the weekly weigh in. Just knowing that someone is keeping tabs makes all the difference for me. Since I seem to have my Thyroid problem under control its now time to get the excess weight off. Balance and of course portion sizes are the most important. I think the extreme ways of eating are difficult to maintain and take true dedication. I have a special friend who has been vegetarian for many years and vegan for about 4 years. When I see how dedicated she is I wonder how easy it will be to maintain. Socially she never joins us with meals as she eats only twice a day and at specific times (never in the evening). Its tough. I wish you luck going forward whichever route you choose. !!

    • Thanks lovely. That’s so interesting – I could never stop the socials with friends, I love eating out so I’m not sure how practical it would be.
      How is Sure Slim different to Weighless, out of interest?

      • When I was last on the weighless programme I started to battle to loose the weight. It didn’t move and in actual fact I gained. I became very despondent as I was really trying. Finally I gave up. I have since discovered that I have a Thyroid problem, which I suspect was the reason I was not getting anywhere. Sure Slim call for blood tests to ensure that you have no underlying health problems prior to you starting the programme. The eating plan is then prepared by a Doctor taking into account any issues you may have. I have followed the Sure Slim programme before many years ago and I lost the weight. I am waiting for my personal programme to be prepared . I do recall its 3 meals a day, 5 hours between meals and NO snacking in between. I know the plan has changed quite a bit since I did it. I will keep you updated as I go and give you more details once I have been fully briefed. Obviously i’ts all up to me. Its a Lifestyle change and all up to me now. Keep you posted.xx

          • Hi Andrea. Just thought I would give you a report back. Sure Slim plan going well. I am finding it easy and must say I don’t feel hungry which is great. Granted I have given up Alcohol but we all know that its full of empty Carbs. Results so far after week 2 is a 2.3kg loss. Am thrilled. I got this !!!

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