This ‘Friday Health Bullet’ is my favourite bullet that I’ve made so far. It has just the right amount of sweetness, and is packed with nutrients.

Friday Bullet

A handful of kale

1 carrot

A chunk of cucumber

1 small beetroot

A small chunk of ginger

Half a ClemenGold bought at Woolworths (the most delicious fruit in the entire world) – I’m pretty sure a similar citrus fruit, such as a naartjie, would suffice. Hello, Vitamin C!

Friday Bullet

Chuck them all in your Bullet with some coconut water (yum), or even tap water – and whizz it all up for 20 seconds!

Friday Bullet

Did you know that ginger has powerful medicinal properties, and can be used in the treatment in a host of ailments – especially those involving the digestive system and tummy? ┬áIt even helps to reduce muscle fatigue and pain – super important for me now that I’m on the Bikini Body Guide programme. You can alter how much ginger you have in case you find the taste too strong (I honestly can’t handle massive amounts of it).

I felt like I had so much energy after drinking this bullet. It really and truly was delicious – try it out and let me know what you think!

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