OK guys, seriously, where has this year gone?  I can’t believe we’re already in December, and I have so much to do – and literally no time to do it!

I’ve got 9 more working days at the current job, after which I will get a bit of leave – and we’re going away, so I won’t be able to run any errands after this time.

9 days.  5 of which will be spent working until late in the afternoon.  1 of which will be spent at a Christmas Party, meaning I won’t get a chance to do anything.  That leaves me with three days (or should I say, afternoons)..  Three afternoons to: get my hair done, buy new uniforms for the new job (in town, no less), go for another orientation session at the new job as when I start there I’ll be all alone, go to SARS to sort out my banking details (I stupidly submitted my returns, only to remember that I had changed bank accounts in the year), and buy Christmas presents for family and friends.  Three days.

Perhaps the Christmas present shopping can be done on the weekend – but I have one weekend left which is already filled with plans!  Hopefully Delta park run Saturday morning, followed by a braai in the afternoon, and I’ll be watching Sleeping Beauty on Ice on Sunday.

Quick! Someone swop lives with me!?


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