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Living in a complex is not all it’s cracked up to be and I’m currently loathing the fact that I live in a complex. Sure, it comes with the bonus of a false an added sense of security, having your garden automatically cared for, a swimming pool with none of the responsibility, a body corporate to nag to fix issues, and there’s always friendly people greeting you among the complex streets.

What I do not enjoy is the fact that my complex is overrun with cats, and that my baby daughter cats get attacked on a daily basis, resulting in over a thousand ronts in vet fees for ‘fight wounds’ (I do kinda love that it sounds like Chloe is part of Fight Club though – but she never talks about it weirdly enough).

And the award for best tweet of all time goes to..

I hate that at 4:37AM today, I ran out of my bedroom in my pyjamas, swearing and shouting at that asshole ginger cat who will not leave my babies alone and not having something to throw at him, and not being able to find my taser/shotgun. (IT’S A JOKE! Or is it..?) If this sounds vaguely familiar, then you are correct. This time, though, I shouted, “GET BACK HERE, YOU ASSHOLE!” My poor neighbours must think there’s a crazy person living in the flat downstairs.

What I hate is my opposite neighbours and their baby. Now, guys, I know that hate is a strong word. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a midwife, and I love babies but this has become next level crazy annoying where I have even considered smothering myself with a pillow to bring my suffering to an end.

Their baby must be around 8 or 9 months old now – I remember them bringing their baby home after she was just born. She cried a bit at the beginning, but nothing too terrible and she was just a normal, chilled baby. But now, all hell has broken loose. This baby cries constantly. But I mean CONSTANTLY. The other day, I was awake from 3AM with her screaming relentlessly – the screaming was still going on when I left for work at 6AM. I don’t know if her parents are trying the ‘let her cry it out’ strategy, if she’s teething and not well, dedicating her soul to Satan, or what it is, but this baby is literally keeping me up almost every night and early morning. And I just don’t ever hear her quieten down as if she is being soothed, held, or loved.

It doesn’t just happen in the nights though. On Sunday, at midday, this baby was screaming blue murder. Yesterday afternoon, at 4PM, and again at 9PM, this baby was going nuts.

I don’t want to be that person that lays a complaint about a baby, but seriously, how much longer can I go on without sleep?! My sleep is very important to me, ok? I honestly feel horrid for the parents, because if I can hear the baby shouting and screaming that loud, imagine what they must hear?

I’m trying not to be judgey – but seriously, what do you do in circumstances like this? Is there no way they can calm this baby down?! I know I can’t really comment seeing as I’m not a parent. My patience is wearing super thin. I almost screamed “SHUUUUT UUUUUUUP!” out my window the other day. Thankfully, I managed to restrain myself.

I’m also hesitant about going to speak to the mom, because I don’t know her at all, and I heard the parents swearing and shouting at each other the other day, so there are obviously problems – and the last thing I want is to make them feel bad, or god forbid, anger them some more, or cause more tension in their relationship.

Also, even if I lay a complaint to the body corporate, it’s not like a yapping dog that they can tell the owners to get rid of or have the voice box removed.. Or can they? JOKE – JUST A JOKE.

Here’s a photo of my flat, and Chloe mooning you. Just because.


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  1. HAha…. the screaming baby sounds like the dog next to me who barks ALL NIGHT LONG. I have shouted SHUUUUUT UUUUP at 2am from my bedroom and yet the owners do EFF all about it. You could write a letter asking them to give it love and attention and take it for walks… but I guess that doesn’t work with babies. I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL.

  2. I have no words of wisdom. In the beginning I thought we may be the neighbours with the crying baby but baby girl has calmed down now that she’s realised we’re not trying to kill her/hurt her/torture her.
    We had neighbours that used to party like mad then go out then come home at 3am and party loudly again!! We used to sneak out and turn off the power to their unit….

    • Ah shame, so you know it from the side of the parents too! I feel so bad for them, it must be awful.
      Hahahah, love that you turned off their power, that’s hilarious!

  3. Sometimes I think I miss complex living because living in a house comes with it’s own set of problems, but reading this reminds me of our years in a complex and I don’t want that back. Our first baby had colic/reflux and basically cried non-stop for the first 5 months, and we were still in a complex then. I feel very very sorry for our neighbours, but they never said anything. Other than being sick a kid older than 4 months should not really be crying through the night. Hopefully they’re not leaving him/her and going out….Maybe knock on their door, say ‘Hi, I’m a nurse, can I help’.

    As for the cats. Water guns or hose pipes worked for us. Anything with water. My cousin was so desperate with a cat that she caught the cat, put it in the toilet while holding it, and flushed. Cat ran away and never returned to their property again.

    • I think there’s pro’s and con’s for each way of living. But yes, right now, I don’t want to be in a complex anymore. It’s driving me crazy. You see you know it from the side of the parents – it must have felt awful and embarrassing for you. So I feel so bad for those parents. I don’t think people really lay complaints about stuff like this because it’s not in the parents’ control. I was thinking I should go in my uniform and ask if I can help – but I also don’t want to open the door for them to take advantage of the nurse. :P

      I promise you, I was googling how to catch a cat this morning! I love animals, but I literally think I will murder this bloody cat if I get a hold of him. Definitely going to buy a massive water gun and spray the shit outta him. :D

  4. “Living in a complex is not all it’s cracked up to be”
    It’s cracked up to be anything other than a living hell? :/
    I’ve never lived in a complex, and I would rather live in a dodgier area if it means avoiding a complex. Cutting grass sucks, but much garden maintenance can be cut down if one plants flora suitable to the area, and one is ok with the seasonal changes which plants go through. Gardens in Garden & Home do not look anything like the pictures year round. Pools aren’t too bad to look after as long as they don’t have a steady supply of leaves, and one keeps a very close eye on PH etc. Side note; Chlorine, wind, and school uniforms do not mix well. ;P

    As for the crying baby, I’m told my brother cried a lot as a baby, holding him to comfort him made him even worse. Turns out he was/is tactile defensive, apart from that he had really bad eczema. He would only feed from a bottle, so any feeding required pumping breast milk first. He cried way past 9 months, so yeah, some parents are dealt an extremely rough hand.

    I can almost guarantee the fighting is exacerbated by their frustration, and lack of sleep from their own baby. They are likely aware that the neighbours are suffering, and it too is likely weighing on their minds. Then there is the added possibility of post-partum depression.

    Even with a house, one can have issues with neighbours babies, or yapping mongrels, but they are further away. :D

  5. Our neighbour (in the complex) also has a child who screams like it’s possessed. And the worst part? This damn kid is about 5 years old. He screams and screams and screams his tantrummy scream all hours of the day and night. And his flipping parents never ever tell him to shut up. In fact I’ve never heard them talk to him at all.
    Oh, same neighbours have two big dogs who also never shut up. Their bigger dog has drawn blood from my husband and one of my dogs. We had to modify our garden gate so the savage can’t get his blood thirsty about through when he escapes from his garden.
    Complexes. Fun times.

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