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Kruger Park Weekend Away

The other weekend, the family and I went away for a mini-break long weekend, and we stayed in Hoedspruit (near the Kruger Park).

We left on the Friday morning, all packed into a hired Toyota Avanza (can you say crap car?!) and made the five and a half hour long journey.  The further North we drove, the more green the landscape become and it reminded me how much I love South Africa. (more…)

What I Learnt from The Writers Bootcamp

I loved the idea of the Writers Bootcamp the second I saw it.  I really struggle to keep up with updating my blog, and often have no clue what to write about, and this bootcamp put an end to that.  Knowing I had to set time aside every day made me more committed to writing, and having a topic to work off made it a hell of a lot easier.

So, here’s what I learnt.. (more…)

Me and My Writing

Is it weird that I consider myself somewhat of a writer, even though it may not be my ‘day job’?  I suppose it depends what your definition of a ‘writer’ is.  If you define a writer as someone who gets paid to write, then technically I’m not that (although I occasionally have been paid to write, it has never been on a long-term basis). (more…)


The TV show ‘Friends’ is basically my favourite TV show of all time.  I have the full boxset, and I’ve watched it over and over.  I pretty much know the episodes off by heart, and can say the script along with the actors.  Side note: I can be annoying to watch TV shows with.

Here are my top ten favourite quotes from Friends: (more…)

The Average Week

My week was pretty average, and to be perfectly honest, I’ve just had better.

Work goes on as normal, which I’m still enjoying, thankfully. But in general, I feel very ‘out of sync’. That’s the best way to describe it. It feels like I don’t speak to my friends or the boyfriend enough. It’s a lonely feeling – so I’m going to make the extra effort as of now. (more…)

What’s in The Bag?

My handbag basically makes the world a better place. I used to be a bit of a tomboy and hated the idea of carrying a bag around with me everywhere. All I can say is, “What was I smoking?” Needless to say, everything has changed since then, and my handbag goes with me wherever I may wander. (more…)

The Beat Goes On


Music is the Mary-Jane to my weedSpiderman.

Music is the mignon to my fillet.

Music is the baby goat to my lamb. (That’s a whole ‘nother story. *looks at Ross*).

Music is the cake to my fat kid.

Music is the peanut to my butter.

Music is the flip to my flop.

Music is the blue in my sky.

Music is the cherry to my sundae.

Music is the milk to my cookie.

Music is the cheese to my macaroni.

Music is the Eiffel Tower to my Paris.

Music is the formula to my spreedsheet.

Music is life.

Dear Andrea

Dear Andrea,

Don’t be so hard on yourself.  One day, you will see that what your school marks were doesn’t count for anything.  You don’t need to focus so much on studying that you forget to have fun. (more…)