I have been wanting to participate in the Two Oceans marathon for a while now, and things have always just gotten in the way – work, finances, or entries just selling out too fast.  So, I soon learnt that by joining a running club, I could have access to entries a week earlier than the general public – thereby, greatly increasing my chances of getting an entry.

I’ve been wanting to join a running club for a while – mostly for the social aspect and to meet new people (I suppose I might attend some training).  So, a couple weeks back, Ross and I joined the FRRA – Fourways Road Runners Association.

Yesterday, entries for the 2015 Two Oceans marathon opened and BAM! We’re in! I was considering doing the Ultra – but with a broken foot, I haven’t trained and I don’t want to do unnecessary damage.  Maybe the Ultra can be my 2016 goal. ;)


And so, it is official! Ross and I decided to spend the entire long weekend there, seeing as we need to be there for the Friday registration.  So we’ll fly down on Thursday evening, and only come back on Tuesday afternoon!

I adore Cape Town, so I’m super excited.  I’m already thinking about all the possible activities we could partake in while we’re there.  Ross used to live in CT so it’s different for him.  I mean, I’m already looking at shark cage diving! Settle, Andrea, settle.

If you had 5 nights in Cape Town, what would you do and where would you go?

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  1. Awesome Andy! It’s such a great race (and holiday) to look forward to! When we’re down there, we usually make sure we visit Neighbourgoods Market, Fairview Wine farm for lunch and sunset cruise from the Waterfront. I get excited just talking about it! *whoop* I’ll see you down there! Two Oceans, here we come!

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