Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to head off to Emmarentia Dam to watch Bastille perform live, supported by other bands: Matthew Mole, Beatenberg and Bed on Bricks.

Ross and I got there a little later than we had hoped and were a bit sad to hear Matthew Mole performing his last song as we arrived.  I’m a big lover of Matthew Mole and wish they had put him on stage just before Bastille.

On top of this, it was BOILING hot.  Good thing I didn’t wear the jeans I was planning on!  The sun was beating down on us.  I was a bit annoyed though, as the concert organizers strictly said: no chairs, no umbrellas, no drinks – but of course, they let all of these in.  I was frustrated, because had I know we could do this, I would have.

Nonetheless, it was an awesome chilled vibe.  We picnicked, tanned in the sun, and relaxed.

bastilleWe were then hit by quite a lot of rain, but this was a welcome break to the heat, and I was pretty content in my shelter.

bastille2And then, Bastille came on just as we were working our way closer down to the stage.

They were INCREDIBLE.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a band live that sounds so good.  It literally sounded like I was listening to their CD.  Dan Smith’s voice was pure perfection, he hit all the notes perfectly despite dancing around and running through the crowd.  I was very impressed.  They played one or two new songs that were just beautiful, and made me even more of a fan.

The band tweeted a picture of the crowd at Emmarentia and I think this picture perfectly sums up the vibe amid a gorgeous sunset.



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