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Egg-tastic, 31, from Pretoria, asks:

Hi Andy,

I saw that you used to be a fertility nurse and I wanted to find out some more information on egg donation. Are there specific criteria I must meet to become one? I know that you have to take medicine to be an egg donor, is it tablets I drink? I’m very scared of injections. More importantly, will I get lots of money? ;)

Hi Egg-tastic,

Becoming an egg donor is a noble thing – there are people out there who desperately want a family and are unable to achieve this dream on their own. You could help them by donating your eggs to them. It’s important, though, that before you become an egg donor, you fully understand exactly what it entails. It is not an easy, pain-free process and you need to be doing it for the right reasons.

Firstly, there are specific criteria you must meet before you can become an egg donor. These criterion can differ between different egg donation agencies. Some of the common criteria are that you need to be a certain age (generally between 20 and 34 years), you need to be at a healthy weight and BMI, you must have a regular and healthy menstrual cycle, and you need to be available for up to 10 medical appointments over a course of two or three months.

Please have a look at the egg donation agencies in South Africa to establish any differences between their criteria.

To be an egg donor, you need to take hormones to get your body to produce more eggs than you would in a normal menstrual cycle – in other words, we ramp up your ability to produce eggs. These hormones are only available in an injection form. They are not difficult injections, and you would be taught how to give them yourself. If you can’t handle that idea, then you also have the possibility of getting a family member or close friend to give the injections to you. They are not painful injections at all.

You do get paid for donating your eggs – but that is definitely not the most important thing! I wouldn’t recommend donating your eggs just because you need to pay off your clothing accounts (for example). You need to be dedicated to the cause, and it is quite physically taxing on your body – it can be emotionally and mentally taxing too. See the money as a bonus, but not as the main reason you want to do this. Remember that you are helping someone in need – I think the satisfaction of knowing you can give them a child is worth more than money.

Let me know how you get along!


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