I have been looking at getting a kitten for a good few years now.  However, I have always lived in a complex that didn’t allow pets.  That is, until we bought a flat in a pet-friendly complex!  Once we had bought our new abode, I started the search for one specific type of cat.  A Chocolate-point Siamese.

I got a Choc-point meezer for my 4th birthday, and she passed away at just over 21 years of age.  Suzy was my best friend, my everything.  I fell in love with her personality, she was extremely affectionate, and was the most talkative cat I had ever come across.

I knew that once I had owned a Siamese, I wouldn’t be able to have any other cat again.  I then contacted literally every single breeder of Siamese cats that I could find.  I was out of luck time and time again.

No one had kittens.  So, in January this year, I left my details with all the breeders in the hopes that I might find my kitten soon.  One breeder had a litter due in March but she wasn’t expecting any female kittens due to the size of her Queen.

Until I got an e-mail with an attachment from that same breeder..

ImageI fell in love immediately and knew the one in the back just HAD to be mine.  So, we went through the processes.  I received weekly emails of ‘photoshoots’ with the kittens, and my baby was just adorable – and always guaranteed to be side-by-side with her sister.

It came time to start organizing the flight (the breeder is based in Pietermartizburg) when the breeder asked me if I’d like the other sister for no charge, simply because the two kittens were so well bonded that she thought it best for them not to be separated.

It didn’t take much thought to know that I didn’t want them separated.  Ross and I had, however, agreed that he could get a dog, and I could get a cat so this was a tricky one.  I had thought of sending Kitty #2 to my mom, but she has a crazy energetic and clumsy golden retriever that could accidentally harm her.

Only to find out that my dear Ross actually really wanted a kitten.  So, after much deliberation with my mom and Ross, we decided to keep the two kittens together at our place.

Last Friday, we collected the babies from the Cargo section at the airport.  I was overwhelmed by how small they were – it may sound stupid, but you forget how small kittens can be!

After collecting them from the airport, I took them straight to the vet to get a clean bill of health and a free kitty check and we then took them home.  They were very scared and wary of us but they are slowly warming up more and more.  Friday night was interesting as they woke us up at 01:30AM meowing and wanting to explore, and subsequently kept me awake until 6AM when I left for work.

We have named them Coco and Chloe.  Coco is the first kitty that I had originally wanted.  Coco is more refined and quiet.  She seems almost regal, and Ross calls her his ‘Princess’.  She is missing her mom, and will walk around crying as though looking for her which breaks my heart.  Coco also enjoys biting.. HARD, and has no problem in waking me up at 3AM to bite my hand repeatedly while attacking the drawstring on my pyjama pants.  Coco is my baby.  She literally follows her sister everywhere she goes and it is just too adorable.  Coco is a typical cat – she will come to you when she wants to, there’s no point even trying to force the issue.

Chloe has been dubbed our demon child aka Spawn of Satan.  She is boisterous, extremely loud, extremely playful and super affectionate.  She purrs loud enough to rival a lioness and will willingly roll onto her back to get tummy rubs.  Chloe loves exploring.  She climbs our curtains, she climbs our drawers, she climbs our cupboards, she climbs our dresser, and this morning, she learnt how to climb up my leg.  Chloe has a mean appetite for chicken and will stop at nothing to get her paws on it.  Chloe, and all her misbehaviour, belongs to Ross.

ImageThey have started cuddling in bed with us at night when we sleep, and I had two babies sleeping in my arms when I woke up this morning.  We are so happy and in love with these two kitties with their distinct personalities and gorgeous faces, and can’t wait to make another 20 years worth of memories with our Meezers.  <3


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