I often get asked a lot of questions. Everyone has an inclination to Ask Andy. We’re talking personal questions, things you’d be too shy to ask your own mother for fear of judgement. I’ve always been told that I’m a good listener. I’ve also noticed a trend that not only do friends come to me and ask me their awkward questions, but strangers have started doing it too!

Literally, I go into a Sportman’s Warehouse, and random people come up to me and start asking me questions about whether their vaginas will go back to normal after they’ve had a natural delivery. True story.

I’ve also had random strangers sending me emails, PMs or DMs with all sorts of questions – especially about their health. With this in mind, I am extremely excited to announce my new page – Ask Andy!

This is your opportunity to ask me your burning questions. It can be about anything you need advice on – health, your body, pregnancy, babies, love, life, fitness, wellness.. You are welcome to stay completely anonymous, should you choose – or you can lay it all out there for the world to see.

My qualifications? I am a Registered Nurse and Midwife with the South African Nursing Council, and hold an Honours degree in a B.Cur (Baccalaureus Curationis) Nursing degree – with certificates for outstanding achievements in Midwifery, as well as Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. I am a regular writer for a number of magazines and I’m often on the TV show, Great Expectations. In other words, you’re in good hands. ;)

So, send me your questions via the ‘contact box’, and let’s help you solve your problems. Ask Andy will be a weekly feature – published every Monday! I can’t wait to help you!

Ask AndyAsk Andy

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  1. Seriously, Andy is pretty legit on a wide variety of topics, and definitely open minded, also, remember, she is a nurse. It’s a breed of people whom happily stuff their faces with food whilst discussing stuff which turns many people into pale green cringing wrecks. AKA, exactly who you would want advice from.

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